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The official proclamation is that I didn't break anything in my ankle. But I did mess it up and now I have to be in a boot that looks like an update of some strange torture device. I get to go back in two weeks to have it looked at again. So much fun!

And for this two week period I cannot go in the pool and exercise. Yuck!
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I went out to Van Atta's to find a wreath. With two Maine Clown cats I do not consider a tree a possibility so I do a wreath because at least I have that nice evergreen smell when I go in and out the door.

All I found were very boring wreaths so I bought an undecorated one and some sparkly stuff. After Agent of Shield I decorated it and hung it on the door.

Unfortunately the girls were very helpful. Then I got to clean up glitter.


Nov. 21st, 2015 05:02 pm
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Karren and Mike and I wanted to go to a cat show in Novi today. We agreed to make the decision this morning because there was a snow storm coming and didn't want to not go and then have the snow turn out to be a bust. So we checked in this morning and as there was just a couple of inches of snow and the roads and sidewalks were just wet decided to go after being suitably fortified with Bigby coffee.

The roads were not bad until we got a ways out of town. And then we started seeing cars in the ditch. One car, two car, five car, red car. Visibility was getting decreasingly worse so at Fowlerville I put a halt to the proceedings and turned around for home. I knew it was getting slippery out there because the traction control started telling me it was working. A bunch of us were in the right lane going a a speed appropriate for the weather but when I saw the 18 wheeler coming up way too fast in my rear view mirror I decided it was best to get off the highway. Took the Williamston exit and came home by way of Grand River Ave. The worst of the storm was tracking south of the early morning predictions.

We didn't wanted to just go home so stopped at Flap Jack Shack for brunch and then came home.

Now some hours later and it is still snowing. It has now piled up on the sidewalks and road. Karren just shoveled me a path to the car if I needed to escape. The rest will be left to the snow removal guy tomorrow.

What it looks like now.

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Yesterday we went out to the MAC. I've been doing water aerobics since I retired. The place I was using was my physical therapist's office. The pool is small and that has been the problem of late, there are too many people with too small pool.

So we both decided to join. We went yesterday for a tour and we are going back tomorrow to try it out.


Nov. 10th, 2015 12:59 pm
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I heard a loud clap from the Cat's Rec Room & Library followed by a small thump.  Ash came skittling up the stairs like a herd of elephants with sharp toenails.  The clap was from the boards stored on top of the bookcase under one of the cellar windows. The smaller thump came from Ash hitting the cat tree at high speed.

Upon gaining the upstairs she rocketed into the bedroom/garden/cat perch window but quieter this time.  I went to the kitchen window to see what was of interest to the cat. To my not very surprise there was a chattering of starlings gleening my backyard, gleening that is until a dreaded fox squirrel came bounding into yard startling them into a murmuration.

I do so love collective nouns.

With the starlings gone both cats went back to sleep. Next up the cleaning lady!  They follow her around (even when she is vacuuming) as she is the magic discoverer of lost toys.


Jun. 26th, 2015 01:47 am
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On the way back from visiting Ben & Jerry's.  Along Route 100 north of Rochester VT.  I think this may be the most beautiful drive in the state.

Heading for Lake Champlain on Route 73 with the Adironacks in the background.

game night

May. 16th, 2015 10:02 pm
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We played Crononauts and Monty Python Fluxx. For once, I won both games.


May. 15th, 2015 09:29 pm
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Snoring and taking up far too much of the bed.


May. 14th, 2015 01:16 pm
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This seemed like a good idea but it was really made for normal sized cats.  Ash is constantly demolishing it.  I put it together and she takes it apart.  Perhaps next time I'll use duck tape.


May. 9th, 2015 12:14 am
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Both cats are sitting in the dark in a dark window purring. Very loudly!! I walked into the bedroom and had to figure out what was making the noise.

may 4, 1970

May. 4th, 2015 11:25 am
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On April 30th Nixon announced the bombing in Cambodia and Laos.

On May 4th four students are killed by National Guard troops at Kent State in Ohio.

Killed:  Jeffrey Miller, Allison Krause, William Schroeder, and Sandra Scheuer.

Wounded: Joseph Lewis, John Cleary, Thomas Grace, Alan Michael Canfora, Dean Kahler, Douglas Wrentmore, James Russell, Robert Stamps and Donald MacKenzie.

On May 15 two students were killed by state highway patrolmen at Jackson State in Mississippi.

Killed: Phillip Gibbs and James Earl Green.

The details are from Wikipedia. It must be noted that there is little mention anywhere about the Jackson State shootings. I remember vividly each of these days. I was a junior in college and we faced armed State Police in our protests. The students killed at Kent State were white and those at Jackson State black.

Each May 4th I wake and remember.  It isn't just a Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young song to me. White students learned a lesson that black students already knew, the Establishment kills.


May. 4th, 2015 03:27 am
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Cursed tree sex! I know it is necessary but it has been a really miserable weekend.

EtA: a pretty from the late afternoon visit to another nursery.

It did not come home with me.
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So we went to see Avengers: Age of Ultron yesterday. We went to the 2D show in the middle of the afternoon to avoid crowds. Very much written by Whedon it didn't take itself too seriously. The trailer for Ant Man looked fun and the trailer for Batman vs Superman looked terrible (enough with the post production image processing already).

This morning Michigan experienced its second strongest earthquake, 4.2. Lucky us. The cats freaked and then the rumbling and shaking started. It felt and sounded like a garbage truck was parked in my living room. It lasted a few seconds. I checked the USGS to determine the magnitude but it wasn't the strongest quake I have experienced. Grad school was near the New Madrid Fault and we had more and a few stronger.

It was beautiful today about 80F which is an amazing change from the weather we have had. I got a bit house happy and decided to go visit my favorite nursery. I wanted some hellebores for the front yard where the day lilies have been removed. I decided to go to Arrowhead Alpines in the middle of nowhere in Fowlerville MI. I got all the other hellebores there and wanted to go while the plants still had flowers on them. The last time was fine but a bit random as I went later in the year. All that were left were doubles (I'm not complaining)and I bought some. I thought I could get around with my wheelchair the the ground is still too soft. So a crutching I went.

These are what I got but not my photographs, I swiped the photos from a brit plant info website. They are approximately what I have. Variations on a theme.

Got home and made some chocolate syrup because I wanted it and Hersey's is made with corn syrup and Nestle's is Nestle's. Mine tastes good and is cane sugar.

EtA: happy Beltane!
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Damp and chilly. Gray. The wind is blowing at about 25mph but the house rattling gusts are not to be believed.
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After a long run of gray, damp and cold days we finally have sun and more hints of color appear. My neighbors on the other side of my back fence are not into much more than an occasional moving of the lawn so bulbs have had a field day as it were.

Directly behind me is a lawn full of Scilla of some sort. I cannot get close enough to actually identify them. They are the reason for the blue haze you see. His gout weed moved into my yard which I don't like but the Scilla have yet to cross the fence line, sigh. I invited them you see.

Between him and the house north of him is a depression which I think was at one time a house. It flushes pale lavender with crocus. I don't know what kind but certainly a species crocus. There are just a few open today but I got a picture a few years ago.

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Yesterday at the pool a woman asked me what I was doing for Easter. I replied nothing special. She looked sad and asked if my family was far away. I said yes, "but I'm not Christian" so it is just Sunday. She looked appalled and stopped talking to me. I could have told her a lot of other things but I didn't want to break her mind. I could have said that "I'm an agnostic Wiccan" which is what the local hospital got the last time they asked for religious preference.

I do celebrate spring however so went to the local candy store and bought bunnies and eggs. I don't do candy but homemade treats by some good chocolatiers doesn't count. The chocolate was dark so antioxidants, right?

A lot of other people had the same idea and they had everything arranged for efficiency. I got out of there in record time if you define record time relevant to one of the two yearly candy consuming holidays. Go Fabiano's!

Now to the complaint about the weather - it is gray, windy and cold today. Back to wearing wool socks. There are now about a dozen yellow crocus and these pretty purple species ones.

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Blizzard squalls yesterday. Today the sun is out but the wind continues. It's a steady 25mph with house rattling gusts. It would be a nice day otherwise.

A crocus opened yesterday, a single lone crocus.

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... the wizards at Zingerman's in Ann Arbor actually. It was a mostly sunny day with not much wind and cabin fever was setting in so we went off on a road trip.  The trip went well, no hickups.  Parking in downtown A 2 wasn't even a problem with only a couple of times around the block and a wait for what turned out to not be a parking spot (just a person talking on the phone).  It was way too cold to walk/roll far today so near the door we parked.

As always the folks were cheerful and helpful. I wanted some of a nice oozy cheese not French but actually from Minnesota. One of the cheese guys was trying to tempt me into purchasing a small entire wheel but I resisted.  Yes, I read the Lancet article that said that full fact dairy was good for you but not that much. Moderation in all things.  We bought what will become a new regular thing - soppressata, four thin slices. Again it is wonderful but a lot of salami is not good for you, some is!

I also picked up a few more pot pies before they disappear for another year.  (Last day Feb.28th.)



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