sun today

Feb. 3rd, 2011 03:42 pm
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Definitely not buried or anything.

Grumble, grumble: The city of Lansing doesn't allow cars to be parked on the streets overnight. So a "get off the street or you will be towed" ban went into effect Tuesday night (enforcement is otherwise a bit lax). On my street at the top of the hill (hill defined in this context as any area not completely flat) a number of cars obviously were on the street when the snow plow went through. I did watch a car get towed in the next block north and do not know the fate of the ones on my street. All of the houses have driveways which were not full of cars by the by. Thank you neighbors for making the street near impossible & impassable.

new car

Dec. 18th, 2010 04:47 pm
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Went to the dealer to put down deposit and get the purchase started. Hopefully before the new year I will have the new car. I want this one to be blue. Honda is really weird with colors on the Odyssey. You have a choice of white, black, three shades of gray, light dirt, dark dirt and dried blood. I want the the blue, well bluish gray, let's see if they can find me one. Do you know how many silver mini-vans there are out there? I do -- it is fun finding the silly thing in a parking lot.

It started snowing as soon as I left the house. Looks like it will be flurries for the next few days.
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Have I said how much I like Honda and their Stability system. Well ...... when I went in to school it was snowing but the roads were mostly just wet. It kept on snowing and the wet roads froze. Now we have black ice and snow covered ice rinks. I have a car that is smarter than me at keeping me from skidding (and I'm pretty good). I skated home and just made sure that no one ran into me. The joys of first snow when people have to re-remember how to drive on snow. I hope they learn fast.

On much the same note I test drove a new Odyssey today and it is shiny. I'll probably buy one because I need power doors. I cannot open the sliders and I have a hard time get the back closed. And I have to get my wheelchair out of the back, so ... It does come with a lot of other safety features but accessibility is important to me. The one I drove had a GPS system and ghod I cannot stand those things. Just what I need my car talking to me. I'm from New England so I learned to navigate at an early age, then I moved to the Midwest. Everything is on a grid -- how do people get lost here anyway? You always know what is N, S, E & W.

I just got home and I think I will sign off and warm up the last of the turkey.
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Yesterday the weather was in the 6o's F and sunny (mostly). Right now with wind chill it is 30 F, and damp to the bone chilly. A lot of leaves fell in the overnight. They had been hanging in and finally said "enough".

Still have a snapdragon near the door blooming (it's right up against the foundation) but that may stop by tomorrow. There are still leaves on the front door witch hazel and the parriota persicia at the curb will keep some leaves until spring. Had to take a picture of the witch hazel leaves as they are really beautiful. Oh by the way, to use the camera in your iPhone you have to take your glove off. Brrrr! They were talking snow tonight or tomorrow but it looks like that may miss us.

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Woke up to snow. It just started but is supposed to continue all day and into the night. Joy!

As promised a picture of the poor crocus with snow on them.

The back yard...

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This is what it looked like when I left for school this morning. Certainly not an excessive amount in one dump.

When I got home the old joke kicked in: the good news -- I didn't have to worry about the big snowplow berm at the end of my drive way and the bad news -- the snow plow has yet to come by.
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This is the house as it stands this morning as I left for work. Still missing gutters, a light fixture and house numbers. Minor details because it is mostly done.

A detail of the light fixture at back.

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It snowed most of the afternoon and at the point it was supposed to get really bad, it stopped.

It did snow some more after dark and we got about 7" which is not all that bad, except for the fact that the streets have yet to be plowed. If it isn't a four lane it hasn't been plowed, which made my neighborhood really interesting tonight. Outside not fun but hopefully at sometime before tomorrow a snow plow will find my street.

Flowers happened inside, small bright points of color that I include here. Christmas cactus is good because you can completely ignore and you are still rewarded.

The best thing of an otherwise really bad day(tm) happened as I was leaving for a day of meetings. Got in the car and noticed that perched on top of the neighbors spruce tree was the marsh hawk who seems to favor hunting in the neighborhood. She was poised on the very top doing a very nice balancing act. I didn't notice which way she went but wished her good hunting. It has been a good week for raptor viewing. If only a giant raptor would deal with my Dean.

more snow

Dec. 27th, 2009 11:19 pm
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Just enough to be all white and pretty. Couple of inches at most and one more day of possible snow. We are then to be rewarded with the chance of seeing the sun at some point Tuesday through Friday. I will believe it when I see it. Ann Arbor run scheduled for Tuesday if the weather allows.


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