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Mar. 22nd, 2012 07:13 pm
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I realize it is necessary but MUST they do it in public. I am very allergic to tree pollen so I hate spring. Except for the flowers. Except for the sunshine ... of never mind, let's say I am ambivalent about Spring. Another 80 degree day in a string of high 80 degree days and every flowering tree (the ones you plant for flowers) and all the other mostly leafy one are blooming. ALL AT THE SAME TIME!! I cannot stop sneezing, coughing, wanting to scratch my eyes out, you get the idea. I just hope the April weather fairies don't decide to have a laugh because it could be a disaster. As elsewhere there ain't going to be much/any maple syrup this year. Yes, webonauts, Michigan has a thriving syrup industry (or did).

It monsooned this afternoon and they the sun came out. So while driving to pick up my cat's insulin and to get Cami to the grocery store we dodged lakes, forded streams and searched for rainbows. None were found but we probably weren't looking in the right direction. At least the rain removed some of the maple flowers from the trees.

When I left this morning the mockingbirds were back on the front porch roof. When I got home cardinals were having a squabble in the front trees. Two males, one female and a screaming fit.
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This was one of those days where I wonder why I went to school for a collection of meetings. Sleeping would have been much more productive. It is supposed to be sunny and nice tomorrow so I will do a garden look about.

Got home to some photos from my sister showing how our VT place survived the winter. Or mostly survived. A couple of downed trees tried to demolish the outhouse, but as it is a garden shed at this point it wasn't a great tragedy. It does need a bit of clean up and electricity. Seems one of those fallen trees did take down the power line. Lots of pine needles need to be removed along with a lot of small stuff.

Across the pond Uncle Bud's place is doing less well but it has some new tenants! Not the house but the brook will be having a renovation.

...the brook... Please note that the log you see is a bridge and is intentional.

...the other side of the culvert where THINGS have been happening!


Nov. 4th, 2010 12:37 pm
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The weather beans say we will be getting snow tonight. The clouds moving in certainly seem to say that as well.

Came out the front door and startled a small horde of english sparrows munching on the Callicarpa berries near my front door. Usually the berries last well into winter but don't think that is going to happen this year. Mountain ash in the back has been stripped as well, fun bird watching for Romy. I could still seem quite a few berries on the Viburnum trilobum in the far back yard however. I planted them all as bird food, of course. Just wondering what factors have caused them to be gone earlier this year. Inquiring minds want to know.

Hawk was circling overhead as I left the neighborhood.

Today is my fracking, mumble, @%$#^@ birthday. UPS delivered presents which I will open when I get home.


Jun. 3rd, 2010 01:26 pm
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Was out and about this morning. Gray day but so far no rain. Left the Clinical Center and headed towards downtown driving by Fenner and the zoo. It seemed to be attempted suicide by car (my car!) day. First a chipmunk by the golf course who wished to join the other chipmunk looking squish on the road. I stopped and he/she/it went back and forth in my lane before actually getting out of the road. It is a four lane there so I figure he/she/it will be a squish before very long but at least it wasn't me who did it. Dead possum a couple of blocks down along with a black squirrel.

Got down to the swamp across from Fenner and saw the Great Blue Heron and then had to slow down again for a fox squirrel who insisted he wanted to be under my tires. Again I failed to make road pizza out of him. Sigh! Saw a muskrat on the river bank by the zoo but it was alive, alive o.

Now home and again procrastinating. First class rewrite going well but any excuse to not do it ...


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