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After leaving Mystic we got back on I95 and got off just past Old Saybrook and drove along the coast.  The wind had picked up and the temperature was dropping.  We drove along the coastal salt marshes and saw a few Great Egrets. At Madison we went into Hammonasset State Park and drove out to Meigs Point.


The southern most end of the beach.


Looking back at the beach.  It is about two miles of sand with nice boardwalks for the wheelchair enabled.


One of the many Great Egrets we saw.  There is an Osprey nesting platform in the center (the dark dot).  There was one closer to the road that had chicks but by that time it was raining and we didn't get a picture. (There are apparently 5 nesting platforms in total in the park.  They are all inhabited.)


We left because it was raining.  And by the time we got to Guilford we were suffering a downpour. So we sped by the downtown area with its old houses and beautiful common and headed for Mulberry Point.  Mary didn't realize we actually lived here as she was in the baby to toddler stage.  She remembered us coming down for crabbing but didn't realize there was a reason we knew this area. Saw some people fishing as we came out of town.

Mulberry Point Road used to have just a few scattered houses but is now solid houses from the rail road bridge on.  Drove by where we lived.  It used to be a small two bedroom house and is now a two story and much larger house.  I don't know if one of the subsequent owners did an addition or a tear down.  It was still pouring and the house is on a curve so we didn't stop for a picture.

Looking out toward Long Island.

Across Indian Cove. It is nearly high tide and we used to dig quahogs on this beach and the one on the other side of the point.

Up Mulberry Point Road.


A look out where we used to watched the sharks that sometimes showed up in the cove.  Sometimes sand tiger sharks and sometimes dog fish.

The road across the end of the cove.  Everything here is new.  I assume that this all got washed out with Sandy. Some of the structures on Sachem's Head near the water look like they have been newly repaired. Mulberry Point is a little higher and showed less repair. Behind us the marsh area up cove was still showing signs of  Sandy.


Through a very wet windshield.  I'm not sure what variety of bird nest on the top of the pole but the Branford paper (next town west of here) had a story about the Ct Light & Power building an Osprey nesting box to replace one (one top of a power pole) that caused a fire and power outage.


After leaving Mulberry Point we took Leetes Island Road along the coast and back up to I95 and home.


More tall birds.  From this point until we got to I95 we saw about eight more Great Egrets and one American Bittern.  There is a sandpiper of some sort in the foreground but cannot identify it.


I was happy to see that the bird population had really seemed to revive in this area.  When I lived here this was a very rare sight.
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When last I left off we were eating a classic New England summer meal of fried seafood. Once we finished we went down the road to Mystic Seaport.

Tug Near the Entrance

The ship I really hoped Cami would like was in dry dock being repaired.  I remembered crawling all over it as a kid and below deck is the only time I have ever suffered from claustrophobia.  What the Charles W. Morgan looked like fully rigged.


"The “crown jewel” of the Mystic Seaport collection, the Charles W. Morgan, has outlived all others of her kind. Built in 1841 at the yard of Jethro and Zachariah Hillman in New Bedford, MA, the Morgan is America’s last surviving wooden whaleship and a precious piece of maritime history."

More from the Seaport website:
"In January 1974, after removal from her former sand and mud berth, she was hauled out on the lift dock in the Henry B. duPont Preservation Shipyard for inspection and hull work as needed. Her hull proved to be in remarkably good condition, with only a new false keel, shoe and some planking being required.

In the fall of 2008, the Morgan returned to the Museum’s shipyard for a multi-year restoration. The project has renewed areas of the vessel from the waterline down to her keel and also addressed the bow and stern. The Morgan will be launched July 21, 2013 and in the late spring of 2014 will embark on her 38th Voyage to historic ports in New England. When she returns to Mystic Seaport in August 2014, the Morgan will return to her berth at Chubb’s Wharf and resume her role as an exhibit and flagship of the Museum."

What the Morgan looks like at the moment:

Walking along the sea front.


The Joseph Conrad, one of the smallest full-rigged ships built in modern times.  She started life as a training vessel and was active in this role until 1945.  She is still a training ship at Mystic.

Cami boarding.


The other thing I remember from childhood is the collection of figureheads.  These are just a few of the collection.


The day was overcast but very hot and humid.  When we started to melt we got back in the car and headed down the coast back towards NY/NJ.

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So Monday Bob and some of the nephews went up to Vermont to install a new dock at the camp.  We, on the other hand went to a local nursery and got flowers and thought about what to plant in front of the neighbors new white fence (6' tall).  Then we went to the grocery store and got some seafood for the grill.  In other words we lazed around and didn't do much of anything.  We got some clams, oysters and swordfish and threw all with some asparagus on the grill.  Yumm.

We got up early the next morning and headed to Mystic Seaport in Mystic Connecticut.  Neither Cami nor Mary had ever been there.  Since we were being tourists I had requested this trip because I knew Cami would like it.  Truth be told I was in junior high when last I went.  If you have never been -the 79‑year old Mystic Seaport complex encompasses an entire waterfront settlement, capturing the look and feel of a 19th‑century seafaring village.

As we approached the Seaport we spotted a quintessential "summer in New England" place - the Sea View Snack Bar, picnic tables and all.


The menu which must have at least half of the items fried. Hey I didn't make the rules.


The dining room with Mary. Mystic Seaport in the background.


I have no idea who the woman is but better view of Mystic SP.


A clam roll and chowdah.


Scallops that are already missing a few.  The french fries came with my dinner but I never eat more than three as I shouldn't. The scallops were big and absolutely wonderful.


The whole clam dinner, no "clam strip" abomination for me. Two of my three french fries remain along with one scallop. Cami and I traded and also shared the cole slaw.


Tomorrow the tour of Mystic Seaport.

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Sunday and Father's Day. All the not so little munchkins who are my niece and nephews came home for the day. We all went into NYC for a boat ride around the island of Manhattan.

We started at Pier 83.

The Intrepid Museum with the Shuttle Enterprise which is still undergoing repairs from hurricane Sandy.  The shuttle enclosure was blown off and had to be replaced. Many of the major tourist attractions are still closed for repair, including the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.  There was ongoing repair on the Brooklyn Bridge and I don't know if this was also Sandy related.


Looking down the Hudson - NY on right and NJ on left.


The new World Trade building.


It was a cloudy day with a stiff breeze and a lot of boats were under sail.


Looking back at the tip of Manhattan.


The Statue of Liberty.


The South Street seaport.


The Brooklyn Bridge undergoing repair.


The Manhattan Bridge. There are some really pretty bridges on the East River!


The Statue of Liberty and Bayonne in the distance.


Empire State Building.


Chrysler Building.


The United Nations.


The 59th Street Bridge and the tramway to Roosevelt Island.


Well with all the bridges on the East River I had to include one on the Hudson.  The George Washington bridge.


We didn't actually get to completely circle Manhattan.  The river levels were very high and it was high tide.  The ship couldn't get under a bridge on the Harlem River.
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We did an on again off again schedule of events for the vacation. After the big day and late night in NYC we went for a calm day in Jersey. So we looked around for something close to home and found the Frelinghuysen Arboretum in Morristown. It was a beautiful sunny & seventies day so a walk around a garden seemed like a good way to spend a couple of hours of the afternoon.

The entrance:


Various views of the paths and from the number of new and small things protected by fencing I would guess that deer are a problem. Some of the garden was very formal and some not so much.






Looking to the right at the site of the above photo there was evidence that Sandy took its toll with much obvious repair. At the edges of the park there were still trees that had yet to be dealt with.


We stopped on the way home and bought a lot of lobsters and veg and had a nice dinner on the porch disassembling said beasties.
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Got the photos downloaded and I started to sort through the collection. I thought I would do this in order so here are a few more pictures from Day One.

We got into the city early to avoid traffic and went to the MOMA (Museum of Modern Art). We mostly stayed on the fifth floor and enjoyed the slightly older stuff. Some of my favorites!


de Chirico

I did "people looking at art" as well as taking pics of the art. After dinner at a nice Italian Bistro (yes, I'm mixing cultures but it was) away from the area we went back to Times Square to the theatre. The last two are on the way back to the car.

Mary and Bob

Times Square


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