Mar. 16th, 2012 09:32 pm
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::facePalm:: ::headDesk:: ::headWall:: Argh!!!!! Walk softly and carry a large frelling pipe wrench!

Today at 5:30pm the faculty union met for the express purpose of calling for a vote of no confidence in the administration of the college. We have not had a contract for nearly two years and the current administration is taking Community out of Community College. The Repubs in the State house have in this time passed all sorts of anti-union stuff. We can no longer strike, have the college collect the union dues, etc. They are on their way to disallowing collective bargaining for any public union. The college has spent $1.2 million dollars on lawyers to drag their feet for those 21 months. That is the set up.

Then we have people (adult, possibly thinking beings) who sit and say "but if we do this won't that make them mad? We don't want to make anyone mad." I finally got to make a motion for the vote a few hours later. Just about everyone at the meeting finally agreed to the "resolution".

::headWall:: ::headWall:: ::headWall:: ::headWall:: ::headWall:: ::headWall:: ::headWall:: ::headWall::

It shouldn't be this difficult to get people to stand up for themselves. But maybe -- I'm a 60's kid (occupied my first building when I was still in HS) and a damned Yankee so maybe I had a better education in how to do this stuff. I don't know.

Step two: the Board of Trustees meeting on Monday night.
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A few quotes because I've been following the news and I'm not smiling.

“A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle.”
― Gloria Steinem

“When a man gives his opinion, he's a man. When a woman gives her opinion, she's a bitch.”
― Bette Davis
...or these days a few other choice things...

“I myself have never been able to find out precisely what feminism is: I only know that people call me a feminist whenever I express sentiments that differentiate me from a doormat, or a prostitute.”
― Rebecca West

“No woman can call herself free who does not control her own body.”
― Margaret Sanger

“If women want rights more than they got, why don't they just take them, and not be talking about it.”
― Sojourner Truth


“If you make some comment even obliquely alluding to menstruation or menopause and its effect on my judgment," Murphy interrupted, "I will break your arm in eleven places.”
― Jim Butcher, Changes
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An interesting example of the topic of conversation at a meeting yesterday. Not the scale of the universe but the making of the graphic.

The Scale of the Universe


Nov. 23rd, 2011 02:51 pm
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As you can see from the icon, I can actually make a pie. As I teach tonight until 8pm I decided I didn't want to bake anything before tomorrow. So I ordered two small pies from Zingerman's by way of EL Food Co-op. What I wanted was their Chocolate Chess pie. Not exactly in keeping with the upcoming holiday but it is chocolate and chocolate goes with everything, right? This morning I got a call from them that the order had been messed up and there was no CC pie for me. They did have Apple and Cranberry Walnut however. Would I like one of them? So I took an Apple pie to go with my Pecan pie. Since I had paid for the pies already all I had to do was go and pick them up. When I got to ELFCO I sought out the man who had called and he got me my pies and pointed got that they were giving me the Apple pie for my trouble. This meant that I had to stand in the long check out lines to get my refund. Aargh! I went in on my crutches because I wasn't going to have to walk far nor take too much time. Best laid plans and all that. So I stood in line while all sorts of rudeness ensued -- not from the ELFCO folks but my fellow shoppers. Happy Holiday!

I am now at school and will see how many students actually show up. I am not allowed to cancel class (my sister suggested this to me). I figure a number of people in my 3-5pm class will show. But the 6-8pm class? I'm guessing three but I'll see. If no one shows I have to wait 30 minutes before I can leave. Place your bets now.

EtA: I had three students in my afternoon class, and amazing of amazing I had eight out of sixteen for my evening class. 3D Animation trumps the holiday it seems.
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Whichever is your holiday, be happy in your celebrations.

I'll be in class when the urchins knock on doors and perform their yearly blackmail routine. I have left offerings for the older ones at the checkout desk at school. This is assuming that the student aides haven't eaten all the candy. Some students will be dressed up today, I tend to wear my normal clothes and a button that says "witch". This confuses people and when they ask I say "I am just advertising". Some of them get it but not all.
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Had to include this ad (voice Steve jobs) but I remember a couple of SigGraphs in LA with "Think Different" posters on the side of a very large hotel. My personal favorite was the Jim Henson one, Cami's is Alfred Hitchcock.

Steve Jobs narrates the first Think different commercial "Here's to the Crazy Ones". It never aired.

The first computer I used was an IBM 360. The high school I attended had a terminal connected to a mainframe at MIT. Then the Board of Ed got it's own mainframe, all 8k of it. Punchcards and all that. At times I made money programming in the Fortran and punchcard days. The first computer I did graphics on was a color system called Lumena 8 (from Time Arts). It ran on a souped up IBM XT, had two monitors and a tablet and sold for a mere $20,000. The school bought five of them in 1985.

My own first computer was a Mac and all the computers I have owned since are/were Macs. Mac SE, Mac LC III, Power Mac 8500, a G3, G4, G5, somewhere in here I bought an iBook , a MacPro and my current MacPro 8 core. When I bought a new machine I would sell the old ones to friends and students. The G4 and newer are still operational. I have assorted iPods and an iPhone. I guess you could say that I am a big fan of Apple.

My office at school has two Macs currently in residence, Marvin or Marvin Jr. -- Cami wasn't sure -- up on the top of a book case. It was a door stop for a while, we thought about making it into an aquarium. And the current Mac Pro on my desk.

Apple had a big impact on my personal and professional life. I make my living teaching with Apple computers. I use multiple Apple devices daily. I didn't buy Apple at $14 but Cami did. Apple was Steve Jobs and I will miss watching him at his presentations introducing new stuff, convincing people of a new thing that they needed.

I remember pulling the first aluminum cased Mac Pro out of the box, popping the side and just staring at the beautiful design, inside and out. I never did anything but swear at the inside of any IBM, Dell or other PC I had opened up. My Touches and iPhone came in wonderfully designed boxes. Amazingly designed items.


Sep. 25th, 2011 04:15 pm
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Came home this afternoon to this kitty sleeping under a bush in my front yard. He/she made no attempt at communication other than to blink at me, unlike the neighbor's cat who is always trying to invite himself in.

Romy was sleeping on the chair by the door and didn't even open her eyes as I came in. Her usual "oh, it's just you so I don't need to make a fuss" greeting.

Friday I had another back procedure so I came home and sleep off the "joy" juice they shoot you up with. While I was still in this twilight I rolled over onto a feather something near my head and suddenly I woke up thinking that herself had dumped a dead bird on my head. Not! It was just a a cat toy that had been dragged near as a helpful reminder of my duties.

This is getting to be the time of year when a few stupid mice end up coming into the house so that Romy can relocate them to my bedroom. She only accidentally kills them -- to her they are simply self-mobile toys. I must be vigilant.

I need to get horizontal but will tell a tale of cats and critters later.
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Found this at DailyKos --- Kyle Manytla of Right Wing Watch:

The Southern Baptist Convention's Richard Land explains the key differences between George W. Bush and Rick Perry - basically, Perry is Bush without the education, compassion, intellect, or fancy East Coast-upbringing.

Feel better now?
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While driving around today I noticed the higher than average number of out-of-state license plates. It is the time for the all the students to return to East Lansing. Aarrgh! This weekend is the start of the filling up of the dorms, which means I must start avoiding E. Lansing (I also avoid EL because of football Saturdays). As someone who makes her living because of college students it may seem a bit ridiculous but East Lansing is such a nice place in the summer. I have restaurants that are "summer only", for example. This weekend is going to be a mess, 47,000 students will arrive.

AT this time of year I tend to run all my errands on the west side of town. However road construction makes that mostly impossible. Sigh, this too shall pass.


Aug. 5th, 2011 08:34 pm
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Cami sent me an email at about 6pm saying she was jones-ing for assorted menu items at one of the two Sichuan restaurants near by. She was depending on luck, you see, because she didn't call -- just wondered if I would check my email. Well I did and called her immediately. Back from dinner and it was yummy. Ordered two vegetable dishes - green beans with Sichuan preserved vegetable and crispy eggplant.

While sitting at the light on Grand River watched a red tail hawk have less luck with his dinner. He dove for something that made it into cover. He looked very disgruntled sitting on the street sign.


Jul. 18th, 2011 07:20 pm
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I have come home and allowed myself to solidify. It rained but that just meant that the air was wetter not that water was removed. Temperature and humidity are about the same at the moment, you can touch & see the air.

Not good doctor's visit. I have gone from no neurologist to three in an instant. I am back in the role of lab rat -- or in this case perhaps lab experiment. I have done enough of this in my life that this does not please!


Jul. 2nd, 2011 09:38 pm
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They only thing about the 4th that I hate is the neighbors that have felt the necessity to drive down to Indiana to buy illegal fireworks. Romy just launched herself out of a sound sleep (with snoring) in her window seat. Some idiot in one of the houses behind mine has decided to set off small sticks of acme TNT. They are exceeding loud and annoying. Just when you think he has run out of them another goes off. I'm unclear what is being used to time the blasts. He was at it last night and now it has started up again tonight.

Now another idiot heard from up the street. The economy may be lousy but the fireworks dealers are doing a great business. ARRRGH!
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Had a back procedure this morning and have mostly slept off the anesthesia. I am currently in the twilight zone where the local is wearing off and the important stuff hasn't kicked in yet. Hence the question marks on the subject line.

I will be going to Sandy's Birthday Party tomorrow night but otherwise this rates as a very lost weekend. I will be doing nothing useful for a couple of days while the meds kick in.

Then I need to start to get some stuff done:

_make some new clothes (it would help if I liked the stuff I find in stores but I don't)
_rewrite ARTS 151 - new version of the software (Painter 12) is out and my copy arrived on Monday
_rewrite ARTS 234 - new version of Maya 2012 is out - and I'm now all registered
_rewrite ARTS 235 - new version of Maya 2012 and Mudbox 2012 are out (see above)
_get a copy of Lion (osX 10.7) and try to figure out how much of a problem this will be for next school year

The nurse exclaimed, as she was doing the IV thing, that I was off for the summer. Her impression was that I was OFF for the summer. Well, looking at the above list most of it seems like I'm not so OFF for the summer. Note: May 11, 2011 was officially the last day I'm paid for until August 22, 2011. Just saying!
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Got my taxes done yesterday. Filed. Shredded the stuff I didn't need. Hurrah for another year. Just wish the frakking big corporations would pay their share.

Went to the car wash and removed a ton or three of salt. Tried to book plane tickets for Cami and me to head east. Trying to find accessible on Delta is fun (not). Northwest used to give way more information and actually allowed you to book handicapper seats on the web site. Not Delta (hurrah). My sister offered her travel agent and I think I may go with that.

Cami needs to see the coast. She has never had a lobster roll! Flying to my sister's in New Jersey and heading up to Maine by way of Boston. Should be fun.

Have to get the Fall class schedule proofed this afternoon, fun is. But I think I'll go read the new Elizabeth Moon instead, maybe I'll do work later.
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Was awakened by a phone call from a friend's boss because I was her emergency contact. She hadn't turned up at work and no one had heard from her. Did I know anything or could I go check up on her? Well sleepy me said I would try but I cannot get up any of the stairs in her house. Wheelchair me. So I called around to see if anyone in the neighborhood was home/awake and found someone. I went and dug out my copies of keys to Diane's house and drove off to meet Kris at the house. No evidence of car leaving garage or of tire tracks of someone picking her up. Now this is someone with brittle bones so we are both outside really starting to worry. Handed Kris the keyring and said "one of these will work on the front door".

Kris got the door open and went in. Finally tracked down Diane to find that she had just overslept. Now of a certain age where the outcomes could be other.

I need to eat breakfast, take a shower and go to work. I hate adrenaline in the morning, don't know that I need any coffee today.


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