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Mar. 22nd, 2012 07:13 pm
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I realize it is necessary but MUST they do it in public. I am very allergic to tree pollen so I hate spring. Except for the flowers. Except for the sunshine ... of never mind, let's say I am ambivalent about Spring. Another 80 degree day in a string of high 80 degree days and every flowering tree (the ones you plant for flowers) and all the other mostly leafy one are blooming. ALL AT THE SAME TIME!! I cannot stop sneezing, coughing, wanting to scratch my eyes out, you get the idea. I just hope the April weather fairies don't decide to have a laugh because it could be a disaster. As elsewhere there ain't going to be much/any maple syrup this year. Yes, webonauts, Michigan has a thriving syrup industry (or did).

It monsooned this afternoon and they the sun came out. So while driving to pick up my cat's insulin and to get Cami to the grocery store we dodged lakes, forded streams and searched for rainbows. None were found but we probably weren't looking in the right direction. At least the rain removed some of the maple flowers from the trees.

When I left this morning the mockingbirds were back on the front porch roof. When I got home cardinals were having a squabble in the front trees. Two males, one female and a screaming fit.
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Ran errands this afternoon. It is a beautiful day out there. Another day of sun and currently 81 F, which to me qualifies as very warm. That is for northern versions of the word "warm".

Some garden pretties and what my Parriota persica looks like all trimmed up. It is a very pretty small tree.

From the bush that was trying to eat my neighbor's car:

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Went off to Van Atta's to get some basil plants for the pot near my front door. ... must have pesto ... It wasn't very busy which was a surprise for a Saturday afternoon. The week of rain might have had something to do with it, perhaps. I found that they had lots of basil plants but less of other things. Petunias however could be had in hugh quantities on the other hand. Petunias were obviously not THE flower this year. I bought some however as the trail nicely over the edge of the basil pot.

I feel I was a good do-bee in that none of these guys followed me home. Orchids! I am great with plants outdoors but inside, not so much.

I can keep Christmas Cactus and African Violets alive inside. They respond well to my forgetting to water them. Proof here:

Most of the roses opened while I was on vacation. The peonies and poppies are in fact mostly gone by. Here are a few roses that are still going strong. Some of these are a bit over exposed. I didn't really want to brave the mosquitoes any longer than I had to.

And a bunch of yellow loosestrife Lysimachia punctata. No relation to the purple loosestrife that is invading wetlands.

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I have to go into school tomorrow and re-do the Master image for one of the classrooms. Did it once before but the ITS elves seem to have blow it away. Joy! I love spending hours setting fiddlely settings in various software and other such fun tasks.

On the bright side, painter shows up tomorrow to spruce up the living room and bedroom. I've been meaning to have it done for a while but finally got a lead on good painter.

Nothing new in the garden. Everything is very brown at the moment. This little part of Michigan is not getting much rain (although somewhere it is because the rivers are high). Darwin rules in my yard. If a plant cannot survive under less than optimal conditions than it should die and decrease the ... oh wait maybe it is Scrooge who rules. I will water new plants (of which I have none) and new trees (ditto) otherwise everything must live on Nature's bounty or lack there of.
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The hot weather has accelerated openings in the yard particularly in the rose family. So I and camera went out to record the bloomage.

The front from the northeast.

Then I headed down the garden path into the south side yard.

First up, Hybrid Perpetual rose -- Reine de Violettes:

and some Stars of Persia and mint.

Two poppies have opened -- many more to follow. I have a number of colors but the reds are magnificent. The sun just turns them into incandescent wonders.

All the Siberian iris are in bloom.

Then further in the back are some happy roses. The Rosa Rugosa "Hansa" smells like cloves and this is on a shrub about 10 feet tall -- just insane since it is only supposed to be 4 -6 feet tall.

Finally back in the shade but apparently very happy is a Rosa Rubrifolia.


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