Mar. 7th, 2012 09:36 pm
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Headed to Ann Arbor this afternoon with a long shopping list from friends. It was the second day of above 60 F temperatures that today came with a lot of wind. In this year with no winter we have also skipped Spring and jumped into Road Construction. Again I say "weird!"

Eight-plus raptors in the air and a lot of road kill. The winter has been so warm they didn't starve so instead they became sacrifice to the ghod of cars. A couple of coyotes, a deer, an awful lot of raccoons and and one skunk died sometime today. As I navigated the road trying not to be blown off I realized that perhaps all this death was from drivers of smaller cars than mine. They didn't want to be blown off the road.

Got to Ann Arbor and it wasn't busy so they might also be on spring break. Made a number of circuits of the Detroit Street area until we found a parking space and then headed into Zingerman's Deli and nirvana. There were signs all around proclaiming that the Ides of March was their 30th Anniversary in business. I started eating there right after they opened. ...sigh...30 ?????? years...

They are still mid-renovation and you can see pictures here. I got out my list and starting collecting things as soon as we were inside the door. We quickly filled the shopping basket, refused to look at most of the stuff on display (away, away tempting evil things!!!) and progressed to the sandwich counter. Two women had sort of stopped in the middle of the area and were staring at the signage. I heard one ask the sandwich order person "how do you choose?" and his reply was "start with a meat?". I went to the other person taking orders and gave her Cami's and my order with a few take out sandwich orders from friends. We then moved to the checkout line and amazed the person at the register. We had a lot of food and she laughed when we said it was for six people. I think we set a new record and only spent a total of less than $200. The order included but was not limited to sandwiches (they are the two meal sort), bread, salads, hash, cheese, corned beef and yummy Dulce de Leche for Karren.

We ate our sandwiches -- actually me a half and Cami a WHOLE sandwich (it was the nosher size however) --then came home again battling the wind. I was backing into the driveway when the phone rang -- the start of the ravening hordes descending on my house began.

still warm

Nov. 26th, 2011 08:06 pm
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it is still 63 F outside but the wind is picking up and it is starting to rain.

Just saw Hugo and it is an absolutely splendid movie. I hadn't read the book so the surprises were still somewhat of a surprise to me. Caught on quickly because of my current field of expertise. I saw it in 2D because 3D gives me a headache. I could however see where they were going with the 3D and it looked like a couple of the rack focuses (foci?) would have been pretty impressive. Steampunk love! -- all those gears and locomotives. My only quibble was the speed of the trains coming into the station at the end of the line would not be going that fast ... it made it more exciting, but really.
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This was one of those days where I wonder why I went to school for a collection of meetings. Sleeping would have been much more productive. It is supposed to be sunny and nice tomorrow so I will do a garden look about.

Got home to some photos from my sister showing how our VT place survived the winter. Or mostly survived. A couple of downed trees tried to demolish the outhouse, but as it is a garden shed at this point it wasn't a great tragedy. It does need a bit of clean up and electricity. Seems one of those fallen trees did take down the power line. Lots of pine needles need to be removed along with a lot of small stuff.

Across the pond Uncle Bud's place is doing less well but it has some new tenants! Not the house but the brook will be having a renovation.

...the brook... Please note that the log you see is a bridge and is intentional.

...the other side of the culvert where THINGS have been happening!

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Was eating dinner with Cami at Sultan's when something moved in the sky, big. A great blue heron was flying east. I love watching them fly because they are so improbable. I'd seen a pair of green herons near the zoo a couple of weeks ago but this is the first great blue this year. Cami made a reference to the dog from Up and "squirrel". She remarked that with me it was big flying things. I had stopped in mid sentence to watch it fly by you see.

Drove through the fringes of MSU on the way home and noticed that the trees are waking up. MSU seems to have it's own micro-climate and is a few days earlier than the rest of the area (I swear, raises hand) but the crab apples and willows are definitely doing something.

It is a nasty, damp cold with wind out there and this to continue all weekend. Yuck, I was spoiled by last weekend. Is it Spring yet?

the garden

Mar. 20th, 2011 10:51 pm
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Many things this year a little later than last year, but the witch hazels are as always perfectly on time.

The hellebores however are a bit late, the flowers are just breaking the ground. Such an odd plant, the flowers open as as soon as they are above ground and then just keep growing taller. The pictures are from yesterday but I didn't get them posted.


Mar. 16th, 2011 01:00 pm
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Temps in the upper forties heading towards upper fifties. Perhaps 60 F tomorrow. A lot of the snow is gone and green things are sticking up their heads.

Photos from my iPhone 'cuz I forgot to recharge the batteries for my camera. Oops!

Went to doctor's appointment this morning and took the scenic route. Saw the kestral preparing to snack at a bird feeder a few block over. Thought I saw him last week but it was too quick to really identify. This time all was good. Not a lot of traffic so I could stop for a moment to be sure.

The Trowbridge red hawk was in evidence on both trips. And I spotted my first robin at the golf course. Continued on through the agricultural environs of MSU and there were lots of horse out and enjoying the warmth. Now home and to school in a little while.

I find out from Cami later about the protests at the capital.


Mar. 16th, 2011 12:58 am
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Heard from the show and both pieces got in. Go witch hazel paintings. Surprisingly the award didn't go to the one I expected. No telling what jurors will decide.

This is the one that won not this one.


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