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... and gained a crocus or three. It is currently 64 F outside.


Nov. 23rd, 2011 02:51 pm
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As you can see from the icon, I can actually make a pie. As I teach tonight until 8pm I decided I didn't want to bake anything before tomorrow. So I ordered two small pies from Zingerman's by way of EL Food Co-op. What I wanted was their Chocolate Chess pie. Not exactly in keeping with the upcoming holiday but it is chocolate and chocolate goes with everything, right? This morning I got a call from them that the order had been messed up and there was no CC pie for me. They did have Apple and Cranberry Walnut however. Would I like one of them? So I took an Apple pie to go with my Pecan pie. Since I had paid for the pies already all I had to do was go and pick them up. When I got to ELFCO I sought out the man who had called and he got me my pies and pointed got that they were giving me the Apple pie for my trouble. This meant that I had to stand in the long check out lines to get my refund. Aargh! I went in on my crutches because I wasn't going to have to walk far nor take too much time. Best laid plans and all that. So I stood in line while all sorts of rudeness ensued -- not from the ELFCO folks but my fellow shoppers. Happy Holiday!

I am now at school and will see how many students actually show up. I am not allowed to cancel class (my sister suggested this to me). I figure a number of people in my 3-5pm class will show. But the 6-8pm class? I'm guessing three but I'll see. If no one shows I have to wait 30 minutes before I can leave. Place your bets now.

EtA: I had three students in my afternoon class, and amazing of amazing I had eight out of sixteen for my evening class. 3D Animation trumps the holiday it seems.
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I have no idea but there was a dead beaver on the Saginaw St. bridge over the Grand River. I know there are beavers because I've seen them in other areas along the river but why was it up on the road?

Another thing in life for which I will get no answer.

turkey day

Nov. 25th, 2010 12:32 pm
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Arlo Guthrie/Alice's Restaurant

Music for Thanksgiving. I do have fond memories driving around the Berkshires and Stockbridge in particular. Never did find Alice's.

Turkey in the oven. Had a nice conversation about food with Sandy after she put the bird in the oven. Starting to smell the turkey.
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The number of students in classes today was disappointing but not unexpected. I figure by my class tomorrow night it will be down to "not many".

Went and picked up the turkey at the co-op. It has taken over the refrigerator but then it always does. On Thursday I will be making the turkey, stuffing and gravy. The rest of dinner will be arriving with the guests. I have in the past moved turkeys from placed cooked to place of eating. It is a frakking pain, so I now make people come here. So much easier. I have to remember to ask Sandy to come over to help me get the turkey into the oven. I didn't get a big one but they are so awkward and my back has been objecting to everything I do lately. Whoever designed the oven door such that you have to lift a big, honking bird a long distance while arms are extended -- that person should be shot.

While at the co-op picking up the turkey I acquired some pecans. I think I have to make a maple pecan pie. There cannot be too much dessert, right?
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Seems someone wanted to blow-up LCC or threatened to. Not sure if this was real or what. I do have pictures of the bomb dogs that were around, however. This one is entering the AOF building where my office used to be. Usually you can't find any news at the Lansing State Journal but they did supply pictures this time.


Nov. 13th, 2010 12:04 am
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It is not great animation but otherwise extremely fun if it wasn't so true. "Is this an episode of the Twilight Zone?"

Quantitative Easing Explained


Aug. 28th, 2010 12:55 pm
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I made it through the first week back at school. The only day I did any teaching was Thursday and I noticed a Very Interesting Thing(tm). The only day this week I went home with any energy was Thursday. In fact, I went home jazzed. Every other day I went home and fell on my face when I got home. Goes to show you that all those meetings and crap just suck the life out of you. Here's to no more meetings!


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