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The contract passed --75/25%. I wonder how many people actually read the thing. I sat in front of someone who did not even read the "cliff's notes" version before coming to the meeting. And this person has how many degrees and used to be a union officer?

So today I went shopping, I hate shopping but I needed to restock my pantry which was pretty low as I have been eating out of freezer & pantry that last little bit. Now I am restocked and am in the process of putting stuff away. Everything done but can goods. I needed a break so I went out took a few pictures before we have more rain and it messes up things.

First a panorama of the back yard. The Hansa rose is in the left background and is nearly as tall as the Japanese maple! It is supposed to be 4-6 foot tall but mine is 12-15 feet tall. Happy plant with monster thorns.

EtA: the Dame's Rocket (Hesperis matronalis) is a weed but it doesn't get weeded out until it stops blooming. It is a pretty weed.

A lot of the roses are in bloom. Some close ups, in order: Reine de Violette, a rosa rubifolia, rosa rugosa (Hansa) and a Buck rose, Square Dancer.

The red oriental poppies got beat up by the rain, but here they are.

And a couple of others...

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Yesterday was cold and damp. I spent two and a half hours at the doctor's office. I hate doctor's how require you get there early and then keep you waiting for an hour and a half. Dear Doctor, you need a better office manager. Really!

A couple of flowers I haven't documents. One of my favorites are the Checkered Lilies. I mean natural checks, these are just fun and I have them in a couple of places in the front yard as they must be viewed from close up.

All of the vinca is in bloom and I seem to have some mutations. They are supposed to be all blue but I have purple, striped, light and dark blue. Fun! Note: the flowers all opened about the same time so the light ones are not just faded darker ones.

Today is sunny and supposed to be warm.


Feb. 10th, 2012 10:43 pm
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It started snowing this morning. We now have about 4" or so but it is really nasty out there. I know this because Karren, Mike and I went on a Romy rescue mission to the Vet School. She was there having her glucose levels checked all day and then needed to come home. I love driving through a blizzard. Yes, at this point I think it qualifies. High wind and a lot of blowing snow. Roads have not seen sand or plow. My car's computer was having fun keeping me from slipping and sliding. I wondered how the getting wheel chair into building part was going to work but the sidewalk at the front entrance to clinic was snow free. It almost looked as if the sidewalk was heated but the handicapper slots were also snow free. They knew I was coming?!

Herself is home and curled up in front of a heat register. Twenty minutes until I can feed her.

Earlier today I shot this photo -- each flower had a little snow cap.

still warm

Nov. 26th, 2011 08:06 pm
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it is still 63 F outside but the wind is picking up and it is starting to rain.

Just saw Hugo and it is an absolutely splendid movie. I hadn't read the book so the surprises were still somewhat of a surprise to me. Caught on quickly because of my current field of expertise. I saw it in 2D because 3D gives me a headache. I could however see where they were going with the 3D and it looked like a couple of the rack focuses (foci?) would have been pretty impressive. Steampunk love! -- all those gears and locomotives. My only quibble was the speed of the trains coming into the station at the end of the line would not be going that fast ... it made it more exciting, but really.
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I had to actually turn on the furnace last night, I got home and it was TooDamnedCold (tm) without it. My cat with the long fur coat even complained about the temperature and was much happier as soon as warm air exited from the grates.

It is currently cold, raining and gray -- yuck. I was however greeted by this sight as I was opening my front door. Oh the many reasons I love Sugar Maples...

the 4th

Jul. 4th, 2011 11:28 pm
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It was a sunny but warm day. Humidity down so the 80-something F was OK.

Cami and I went looking for a place to view the fireworks at about 9pm. Both of our usual places (empty parking lots) had been locked up. No trespassing, etc. So I drove around the area until I found a place to put the car. I was on the street near the park were the city sets off its show and with a view of the baseball stadium where the Lugnuts do a smaller show.

We had both brought nosh so we did a small picnic and watched the hordes gather. As always there were a lot of illegal fireworks being set off. Pretty but how can anyone afford the things?

The show at the baseball stadium was very short but the city display was longer and better than usual. I wonder if someone donated for the fireworks.

I did not climb on the top of my van but these kids had a good view.

I don't recommend using your cellphone for pictures of fireworks but this is what I got.

The kitty girl was hiding in the closet when I got home and is now sitting next to my feet. She twitches/jumps as each boom happens. Hopefully it will quiet down soon and I can open the windows.
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Went off to Van Atta's to get some basil plants for the pot near my front door. ... must have pesto ... It wasn't very busy which was a surprise for a Saturday afternoon. The week of rain might have had something to do with it, perhaps. I found that they had lots of basil plants but less of other things. Petunias however could be had in hugh quantities on the other hand. Petunias were obviously not THE flower this year. I bought some however as the trail nicely over the edge of the basil pot.

I feel I was a good do-bee in that none of these guys followed me home. Orchids! I am great with plants outdoors but inside, not so much.

I can keep Christmas Cactus and African Violets alive inside. They respond well to my forgetting to water them. Proof here:

Most of the roses opened while I was on vacation. The peonies and poppies are in fact mostly gone by. Here are a few roses that are still going strong. Some of these are a bit over exposed. I didn't really want to brave the mosquitoes any longer than I had to.

And a bunch of yellow loosestrife Lysimachia punctata. No relation to the purple loosestrife that is invading wetlands.

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A bunch of new flowers opened this week. Here is a sample of what I found on my tour.

There are violets everywhere, some even in the flower beds.

Many hyacinths of various color, this is my favorite.

That was just in the front yard, now on to the back. This gives a good overview of the daffs in the backyard. One of the things I like about daffodils is that they spread. Each clump in this photo started a just one or two bulbs.

I also have many tulips. The dutch ones are a bit fussy and get any number of problems (they open much later as well). The species are exceedingly hardy and these guys are the first out.

Last but not least are the bloodroots Sanguinaria canadensis. I've got both single and double flowered varieties. The single will fade quickly if we have even a few warm days in a row. The double flowers last much longer. They are a be later as you can see.

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Only 62 F today, which isn't bad. Three days of 60-ish weather gets my flowers other than the witch hazels. I have achieved blooming croci and a couple of the daffodils next to the foundation on the south side have potential buds above ground.

Lavender and yellow & purple species croci. More soon, or we could have a blizzard tomorrow. Whatever.

iPhone images -- so not the highest resolution. And then the little matter of me taking them out the car window as I was leaving this morning. I will get out there with a camera this weekend for better ones.

new car

Dec. 18th, 2010 04:47 pm
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Went to the dealer to put down deposit and get the purchase started. Hopefully before the new year I will have the new car. I want this one to be blue. Honda is really weird with colors on the Odyssey. You have a choice of white, black, three shades of gray, light dirt, dark dirt and dried blood. I want the the blue, well bluish gray, let's see if they can find me one. Do you know how many silver mini-vans there are out there? I do -- it is fun finding the silly thing in a parking lot.

It started snowing as soon as I left the house. Looks like it will be flurries for the next few days.
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Yesterday the weather was in the 6o's F and sunny (mostly). Right now with wind chill it is 30 F, and damp to the bone chilly. A lot of leaves fell in the overnight. They had been hanging in and finally said "enough".

Still have a snapdragon near the door blooming (it's right up against the foundation) but that may stop by tomorrow. There are still leaves on the front door witch hazel and the parriota persicia at the curb will keep some leaves until spring. Had to take a picture of the witch hazel leaves as they are really beautiful. Oh by the way, to use the camera in your iPhone you have to take your glove off. Brrrr! They were talking snow tonight or tomorrow but it looks like that may miss us.


Nov. 4th, 2010 12:37 pm
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The weather beans say we will be getting snow tonight. The clouds moving in certainly seem to say that as well.

Came out the front door and startled a small horde of english sparrows munching on the Callicarpa berries near my front door. Usually the berries last well into winter but don't think that is going to happen this year. Mountain ash in the back has been stripped as well, fun bird watching for Romy. I could still seem quite a few berries on the Viburnum trilobum in the far back yard however. I planted them all as bird food, of course. Just wondering what factors have caused them to be gone earlier this year. Inquiring minds want to know.

Hawk was circling overhead as I left the neighborhood.

Today is my fracking, mumble, @%$#^@ birthday. UPS delivered presents which I will open when I get home.
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Latest outside...

a kwanzan cherry...

and some pansies.

With some interior pretties, oh yes!


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