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Today in the low 70's F.

Two mocking birds sitting on my porch roof. I did not help that chipmunk to commit suicide. Watched a SMART squirrel get across a busy street by using the sidewalk overpass (constructed so children don't cross at street level).

Daffodils blooming all over the neighborhood as was a Kwanzen Cherry and a Star Magnolia. Saw a Tulip tree that should be open by tomorrow.

Wandered around my back yard when I got home and found the following:


more daffs, some single blood root and in the neighbors yard some scilla:

hellebores and a closeup:

and a rugosa rose already unfurling it's leaves:

The willows are at that lovely yellow-green haze stage. Some maples are flowering which explains why I was sneezing so much when I opened the windows yesterday. We are about a month ahead of things by my figuring. I looked back at old garden pictures and found some comparisons.

The daffs in the side bed on March 31, 2010.

The backyard March 31, 2003. Not much of anything is up.

The hellebore by the back shed, in comparison to the one above from March 27, 2009.

These are all old established plants so size, etc. has to do with weather. I could do more but it is just amazing how much further along we are. This week is supposed to be in the upper 70s F all week. So some of the daffodils and definitely the bloodroot will be past their best by the end of the week.

day lilies

Jul. 13th, 2011 07:31 pm
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I spent most of the afternoon cleaning house or maybe it was sorting stacks of things. Did a little laundry and then wandered around the garden. It's beautiful outside -- sunny and mid 70s F today. So here are some of the day lilies in bloom...

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Went off to Van Atta's to get some basil plants for the pot near my front door. ... must have pesto ... It wasn't very busy which was a surprise for a Saturday afternoon. The week of rain might have had something to do with it, perhaps. I found that they had lots of basil plants but less of other things. Petunias however could be had in hugh quantities on the other hand. Petunias were obviously not THE flower this year. I bought some however as the trail nicely over the edge of the basil pot.

I feel I was a good do-bee in that none of these guys followed me home. Orchids! I am great with plants outdoors but inside, not so much.

I can keep Christmas Cactus and African Violets alive inside. They respond well to my forgetting to water them. Proof here:

Most of the roses opened while I was on vacation. The peonies and poppies are in fact mostly gone by. Here are a few roses that are still going strong. Some of these are a bit over exposed. I didn't really want to brave the mosquitoes any longer than I had to.

And a bunch of yellow loosestrife Lysimachia punctata. No relation to the purple loosestrife that is invading wetlands.

the garden

May. 13th, 2011 06:14 pm
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Just got home from the program's open house for graduating students. They present their portfolios to (at least this semester) a crowd of people. Fun seemed to be had by all. I have turned in grades for two classes, two more to go!

Got home and felt the need to document the yard. It is HOT! outside today so somethings may go fast. It is currently 80 F?!? which is not uncommon for May but is for this very cold spring.

Fothergilla gardenii and friends.

Beautiful contrast twixt leaf and flower on a redleaf barberry --Berberis thunbergii var. atropurpurea.

Red bud. Cercis canadensis var. Forest Pansy

... and a Kwanzen Cherry Prunus serrulata ‘Kwanzan’ covered in flowers that look like little tutus. And lilac blooming from my compost mountain.

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The day started out cloudy and cold. Supervised the pruning of the rose that is attempting to eat both my and my neighbor's house. It was trimmed and constrained to the fence. We shall see what it decides to do next year.

While I was out the sun decided to come out. At the time I was attempted to work on school budget stuff and watch the "Rally to Restore Sanity". Then the sun came out and I went back outdoors. As we have yet to have a killing frost there is still a lot of color out there. Leaves and flowers both. So this is what my yard has to offer, starting near the front door.

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Warm and in the 60s. Tons of pollen but at least the maple trees are starting to drop their flowers. Wide circles of chartreuse on the pavement, pretty.

The fothergilla flowers are completely open and I include a close-up of the various pinks of the yard trees.

Also came up with a great (or evil -- depending on your view) idea for my final exam in 3D Animation. I am going to have them model Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull volcano. I am particularly taken with the night pictures with lightning. As they have just spent a lot of time with particle systems it seems the perfect thing to see if they actually understand.

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Fritillaria opened. Aren't genetics fun, checkered is a nice pattern.

A couple of different varieties of dafs, on the way to the back yard.

A species tulip (Tulip humilis "Persian Pearl").

Flowering quince opened the other day. Nothing really different about this, I see any number of them in the neighborhood, but they are pretty.

Update: A couple more days before the double bloodroot are really awake but lots more buds and a couple are opening.

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Or late spring at least. The temp hit 74 F yesterday and is currently 69F on its way to a record for the day. Some of the early bulbs will expire from the heat of today and tomorrow (it is supposed to hit 80 F) so I thought I would let them have their last bit of fame.

More daffodils opened and with one I have documented the change from last night. Upper left last night and the rest this morning.

In the back yard I have some double daffodils that came with the house. I think they are "Rip Van Winkle" but I've never been sure.

Also opening yesterday were the single Blood Root.

And last but certainly not least are all the violets that have opened. Particularly in my neighbors lawn! My neighbors are not much into the cult of "green turf" so sometimes the weeds are quite magnificent.

In the foreground in the remnants of my compost mountain/leaf pile. Nature does her work without much intervention from me.
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These are the double boodroot but I also have a flock of singles as well.

And then a host of golden (and other colors of course) daffodils in my back yard.


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