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I was greeted by this colony of croci.  They are not fully opened but were very noticeable as I pulled in the driveway.


I am beginning to worry about what the cats are doing during the day.  This is how they greeted me today.

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I'm in front of the computer. Ash is being lazy but cute.



Feb. 17th, 2014 11:46 am
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I'm sick today so cat pictures with Cami as yard stick.  My two cats are some what smaller than Andromeda who was.  Fiona is the larger of the two so for comparison she is here.  Fiona also likes being picked up.

AndromedasizeRomya skinny 22 pounds with a lot of fur

Fiona         smallerFi a skinny 13 pounds and ditto on the fur


Nov. 15th, 2013 11:40 pm
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The vet came for the cat's yearly check-up and needle pokery. They were pronounced healthy, charming and beautiful. They were admired and accepted this admiration as is their due.

Ash Impsdotter has grown significantly. Nine pounds last year and thirteen this. She is still skinny with big feet so I don't know what this means for her final size. Fiona gained a pound and a half. Neither will rival Andromeda at twenty-two pounds of mostly fur however.

I switched to Dr. Lisa who does house calls because it is easier. The cats seem to like this person who comes to visit and sits on the floor and plays with them, especially Ash. Dr. Lisa says she sees mostly cats who hide and likes the out going nature of my two. I, of course, had nothing really to do with this - they are simply typical of the breed.

the girls

Nov. 14th, 2013 01:27 am
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A year ago or there about they did not know each other.  Fi and Ash are now BFFs or at least when they are asleep. Ash protects big scaredy cat Fiona.

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--- and on everything out there.  This is the day of "plumbing emergency" which means I am awake way too early for a water heater replacement.

Since I am up this early I figured I'd get some work done.  Went into the computer room and found that the cats (or possibly one brown tabby cat) had knocked over my sewing machine. How exactly she did this I don't know.  I takes talent for this sort of thing.  This is I believe the same talent that allowed her to knock me off my feet earlier in the year. 


Aug. 5th, 2013 01:38 am
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I am in bed reading with Ash asleep next to me. Fiona jumps on the bed and sits. She then rearranges herself and presents her head to Ash so that washing might commence. Ash declines the honor & Fiona flops on to Ash's head. Ash objects and chomps on Fi. A tussle ensues which quickly resolves itself. The are both sleeping and occupying more than half the bed. Cats!!!!!


Jul. 19th, 2013 11:02 pm
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I heard from her breeders and they sent a picture of her mom with a new litter. Ash was the only survivor of her litter so this is sweet. There is even a brown tabby & white van baby. I didn't realize that Ash's mom looks so much like Fiona.

ETA: Mom's pattern is the same as my very first cat (as an adult -really my own) named Gimli.


Jul. 18th, 2013 01:28 am
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I'm doing some laundry tonight. After I loaded the first batch Ash sat in front of the machine (front loader) and watched the load spinning & spinning for about 5 minutes. Kitty TV?

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Yesterday a fly came in when I went out for the mail.  As soon as it entered the living room Fiona alerted and sprang into action.  She was on the cat tree and in one jump was on the coffee table.  A second of surveillance and she jumped straight up and clapped the fly between her paws at about 6 feet off the ground.  Dead fly fell to the floor.  I congratulated Fi on her hunting prowess and she went back to the tree and sleep.

Today a much smaller fly was buzzing around with two cats in hot pursuit.  The destroyed my bedroom and kitchen before the fly was dispatched.  They are much more adept when it is just one of them.  I think they kept getting in each others way.

On alert.


After the almost brought down the shade.


Ash finally dispatching the damned thing. Knocking things every which way and one poor plant landed in the sink.



Apr. 27th, 2013 01:41 pm
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Well I don't want to jinx this or something but today it is in the mid-60's and sunny.  There is a clear blue sky with no clouds in sight but it is supposed to rain tomorrow.  So pictures are in order before the rain destroys their loveliness.

The front yard is mostly daffodils but the back exhibits a bit of variety at the moment.

The overall look of the far back with buds everywhere.

Closer to the house.
Pink Hyacinth.

While I had the camera out Ash deigned to pose for me.  Fi was nowhere in sight.
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I have the cat water bowl in the shower because Maine Coon + water = Mayhem. Fi and Ash like to play but lately it is getting ridiculous. Ash has been emptying the water bowl, flipping it over, and otherwise making a wet mess. I have observed Ash spinning the bowl, splashing the water out and tipping over the bowl. (See smart with that bowl in the shower!) So today Cami and I went out to get a new water bowl. I was going for big, non-tipable, and I can do nothing about the splashing but if it contains a LOT of water then perhaps she will leave some.

So here is the new bowl with the old one for scale.


Ash tried to spin it - FAIL. She tried to tip it - FAIL. But the splashing part she got right into. Please note the bowl started out full to the rim and ended with a tiny bit in the bottom.





What I got was a cat wading pool. There is still a little water because Fi went over and got a drink after Ash left.

happy ...

Dec. 25th, 2012 05:50 pm
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... holiday of your choice! Or if that doesn't work for you, Hail! Tuesday!

It snowed last night and will be snowing again tomorrow. We won't get enough of the white stuff but some is better than none.


vet visit

Nov. 19th, 2012 01:49 am
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I have a new vet who comes to me rather than me having to haul cats to them. I like her and it is a good deal easier not having to get someone to go to the vet with me. I cannot carry cat and carrier. Ash has a cold. I think she was more upset by the move than Fi was. She got a shot so I am high on her "I hate you human" list at the moment.

This will be a short week at school which makes me soooooooooo!!! happy. Food porn later in the week as I make things for the feast. As usual I cook the turkey and make gravy. All else will arrive with guests.

I'm going to stop typing now but when I move I am going to disturb Fi. Fi is currently sleeping on my feet or more correctly sleeping wrapped around one foot.
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I didn't do much of anything today. Shoulder is screaming so I just stayed home and read. I'm glad I had the party yesterday. I also graded the midterms that had reached their "must be graded by 7 days" expiration date.

Talked with my sister and it is still is a mess in New Jersey but at least they got to sleep in a heated house last night. That is much better than sleeping bags in front of the fire.

Ash spent most of the day watching the world from my cellar windows. The rec room has book shelves that go from floor to just under the windows so it is a perfect kitty perch. The top of the shelves accessible from huge floor to ceiling cat tree made with actual trees. Friday, my yard guy weed whacked all the perennials down so she has a great view of the yard. Way too many tree rats were bouncing around the yard all day, but she was happy. Fi spent most of the day sleeping. First on the living room cat tree and then later on the head of the bed. This pose does not look comfortable.


I will try to get more pictures of Ash but she demonstrates her kitten-ness by never sitting still. I believe she ordered the inviso-springs while I wasn't looking. Boing, boing, boing ...
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It was in the 70's and sunny yesterday. Today it is 40F, cold and damp. Not actually raining yet although that might of changed since I went underground about an hour ago.

The cat saga continues and all for the good. Birds are stripping the last of the rowan berries in the back. Hence the need to actually share a window seat. It went well as evidenced here.


Birds in the front yard are eating the pretty purple berries of the Callicarpa bodinieri. The curtains in the front are just small cafe sheers on tension rods. Needless to say the curtains have been on the floor more than on the windows. Even though she is a kitten Ash weighs nine pounds and standing on top of a curtain rod has the usual gravitational effect.

Had requisite Friday meeting and now I should be grading stuff but I really just want to go home. Maybe I'll carry stuff home, ignore it while feeling guilty and then bring it back all ungraded on Monday. Or maybe I just leave it her at school. Why did I tell students that I would get things back within one week?
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A lot of the leaves are off the trees but one crab apple on the route in to work continues to defy the season. It is in bloom! No pics as it is on a very busy street with no place to park. But the oddity needed reporting.

Continuing saga of new cats. Monday I left them staring at each other from 20 feet. Yesterday the stare was at 6 feet. Today this. The green bag is a hard-ish plastic which makes great crunchy noises when poked. Fi continues to say bad things to the kitten however.

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Seven months and seven pounds, a large kitten who has yet to grow into her feet or her tail. The flash did some weird things to her eyes but I didn't Photoshop them. You get the photo as is off my phone!


Fi is not impressed. She continues to say very bad things to Ash. She is not doing anything but swearing however.
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This is GC Tropicoons Fergie Of Angtini. She is two years old today. She is retiring from the show world and moving to my house. This is her beauty queen pose.


She will be moving to my house sometime in October. She currently resides east of Cleveland OH so I needed to arrange a co-pilot before the pickup gets finalized. Stay tuned for more when I know it.


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