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...and other right wing crazies who think "personhood" is a good idea plus all you Catholic bishops:

If you hadn't lobbied against Single Payer you wouldn't be in the position you are now with regards to birth control. You know the new rule requiring most employers' insurance plans to cover birth control with no co-pay for employees. You may want women bare foot and pregnant but I think if you ask most women they will say that is a damn bad idea.
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Don't think I need to say any more on this subject.

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or squirrely day, I'm not sure. This is how the day started. Looked out the kitchen window while pouring a bowl of cereal and saw a furry beast bouncing around. Didn't have my glasses on so grabbed the binocs and closely observed a tree rat. It was a red squirrel - a variety seen only one other time in my back yard. I pondered the sighting as I ate breakfast and then went out the front door to discover a black squirrel screaming, from it's perch in my street tree, at a fox squirrel rummaging around the mulch at the side of my yard.

When I first moved in, the yard (and trees around it) contained only fox squirrels. Slowly the black squirrels moved in from the east until a couple of years ago they crossed the street and are now the predominate squirrels on the block. We will have to see if the red squirrel was just a scout from the south or a settler and who will win the battle for ownership of my yard. My bet is on the neighborhood cats but that is another story.

So I went to school. This was the last day for two of my classes. So wacky behavior continued for most of the afternoon, just not tree rats behaving badly.

I stopped on the way home for some Chinese takeout because by this point I am just frazzled. Watched some TV, killed some pigs and am not looking forward to tomorrow -- it being a day of meetings when I should be grading. Grades are due Monday so it will be a fun weekend. Then two weeks off !!!!!!!!!!!!!#@#$!!


Nov. 23rd, 2011 02:51 pm
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As you can see from the icon, I can actually make a pie. As I teach tonight until 8pm I decided I didn't want to bake anything before tomorrow. So I ordered two small pies from Zingerman's by way of EL Food Co-op. What I wanted was their Chocolate Chess pie. Not exactly in keeping with the upcoming holiday but it is chocolate and chocolate goes with everything, right? This morning I got a call from them that the order had been messed up and there was no CC pie for me. They did have Apple and Cranberry Walnut however. Would I like one of them? So I took an Apple pie to go with my Pecan pie. Since I had paid for the pies already all I had to do was go and pick them up. When I got to ELFCO I sought out the man who had called and he got me my pies and pointed got that they were giving me the Apple pie for my trouble. This meant that I had to stand in the long check out lines to get my refund. Aargh! I went in on my crutches because I wasn't going to have to walk far nor take too much time. Best laid plans and all that. So I stood in line while all sorts of rudeness ensued -- not from the ELFCO folks but my fellow shoppers. Happy Holiday!

I am now at school and will see how many students actually show up. I am not allowed to cancel class (my sister suggested this to me). I figure a number of people in my 3-5pm class will show. But the 6-8pm class? I'm guessing three but I'll see. If no one shows I have to wait 30 minutes before I can leave. Place your bets now.

EtA: I had three students in my afternoon class, and amazing of amazing I had eight out of sixteen for my evening class. 3D Animation trumps the holiday it seems.
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I had to actually turn on the furnace last night, I got home and it was TooDamnedCold (tm) without it. My cat with the long fur coat even complained about the temperature and was much happier as soon as warm air exited from the grates.

It is currently cold, raining and gray -- yuck. I was however greeted by this sight as I was opening my front door. Oh the many reasons I love Sugar Maples...

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Went out for a meeting at school. Said to myself that I would take pictures when I got home. Unfortunately a few of the blooms didn't do well during the shower we had. I still present them so you can admire the diverse colors. In another week they should be really great.

The meeting was concerning why the school feels it doesn't need to pay me for many hours of work. I think I won the argument because otherwise I get to file a grievance and wait forever to get paid. Right is on my side and the contract.

So I got home to slightly damaged flowers but they are pretty so here goes...

... the north side of my house where I use day lilies as ground cover:

... a variety of different ones in my front yard:

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Had a back procedure this morning and have mostly slept off the anesthesia. I am currently in the twilight zone where the local is wearing off and the important stuff hasn't kicked in yet. Hence the question marks on the subject line.

I will be going to Sandy's Birthday Party tomorrow night but otherwise this rates as a very lost weekend. I will be doing nothing useful for a couple of days while the meds kick in.

Then I need to start to get some stuff done:

_make some new clothes (it would help if I liked the stuff I find in stores but I don't)
_rewrite ARTS 151 - new version of the software (Painter 12) is out and my copy arrived on Monday
_rewrite ARTS 234 - new version of Maya 2012 is out - and I'm now all registered
_rewrite ARTS 235 - new version of Maya 2012 and Mudbox 2012 are out (see above)
_get a copy of Lion (osX 10.7) and try to figure out how much of a problem this will be for next school year

The nurse exclaimed, as she was doing the IV thing, that I was off for the summer. Her impression was that I was OFF for the summer. Well, looking at the above list most of it seems like I'm not so OFF for the summer. Note: May 11, 2011 was officially the last day I'm paid for until August 22, 2011. Just saying!
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Today was a meeting day. Five meetings in a row!! I mean really, my brain was numb by the end of the day when I did a face plant on my bed (with cat). Meetings are evil. Meetings are mind numbing. If I had had a choice I would have stayed home for most of the day but I had no choice. Attendance required for FT faculty.

Ran errands after meetings but before the face plant. Came off the highway at Trowbridge and watched a very pretty red tail hawk harassing the wild life. Headed down Harrison through the agricultural portions of MSU. The golf course had lots of geese, the field of Black Angus had a raptor of some sort circling. A bunch of snow covered corn fields had more geese. Finished errand and headed home past a field of sheep with raptor circling. The field circling raptors were too far away for identification. The red tail was easy -- he landed in a tree as I was stopped at a light and the most evident thing was the magnificent red tail.

Oh and last night the Provost announced the cuts that were happening. She said they were just recommendations at this point but, yah know, I don't believe her. We will still be around until the next president decides to reorganize and slash. This weekend I have to write up my report about the state of our program etc. so it can be used to evaluate, etc. I knew they had already made up their minds and the report was busy work, but they still want it done! Homework of the non-useful sort.

sun today

Feb. 3rd, 2011 03:42 pm
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Definitely not buried or anything.

Grumble, grumble: The city of Lansing doesn't allow cars to be parked on the streets overnight. So a "get off the street or you will be towed" ban went into effect Tuesday night (enforcement is otherwise a bit lax). On my street at the top of the hill (hill defined in this context as any area not completely flat) a number of cars obviously were on the street when the snow plow went through. I did watch a car get towed in the next block north and do not know the fate of the ones on my street. All of the houses have driveways which were not full of cars by the by. Thank you neighbors for making the street near impossible & impassable.
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Got an invite to a show so I will need to spend some time over the break doing some new things. That needs to be added to the list of other things I must do in these three weeks (in no particular order):

-make some new clothes (or at least sew together the winter ones I have cut out)
-finish the course pack for 3D animation 2
-revise illustration class after I have a meeting with the other instructors of said class
-buy a new car
-go to zingermans for pastrami
-meet with Peter about his 3D design class
-celebrate with the christmas eve indulgence fest
-recover from same
-find my desk at home
-find my desk at the office
-create some new art

...but first I need to sleep for three days and get rid of this frakking cold.


Dec. 10th, 2010 02:51 pm
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A bit more snow last night and now the sun is out. Not as cold as it has been -- 38 F.

I caught a cold and am hibernating for the day. I will not think about the meeting with the new Dean last night. I rate him somewhere on the scale between used car and snake oil salesman. Time will tell.
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It snowed today like it did yesterday, and the day before, and the day before that. Winter downwind of Lake Michigan.

I missed most the the heavier snow as I was teaching -- love those underground classrooms. I was told that at one point it was blizzard conditions almost -- except that the snowflakes were tending towards lace doilies. This only lasted about 10 minutes but freaked out a couple of people. I have no idea why.

On other fronts, we have been reorganized (or perhaps more properly described -- disorganized). Every few years the administrators at this college decided that they are bored, or whatever and shuffle around the programs, departments and divisions into a new order. Just when we finally got a new and good Department Chair trained up/broken in we are going to be getting a new one. When I first started at LCC I was in a group called Telecommunications and the Arts. Then we were moved to Technology, then Careers, then Tech Careers, then Business, Media & Information Technology and now we are part of the Art & Sciences Division in a Department called Communication, Media & the Arts. What comes around ends up back where it started. Please keep in mind in all of this that be are an Art program or more specifically Art, Design & Multimedia. What all of this means is that we are a commercial art program that uses computers (at least for the last 25 years) and the PTB have basically never known what to do with us. Vocational art (?!?!?!) program! We were invited to a "meet the new boss" thing tomorrow so this should be interesting.

Just saying -- in the last five years I have had five different Department Chairs and we are now up to six. I hope some one thinks this is all fun, I don't. Just so you know three of the five chairs were fired for incompetence (or given some bureaucratic equivalent). And next week is finals week, happy, happy, joy, joy!
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Yesterday the weather was in the 6o's F and sunny (mostly). Right now with wind chill it is 30 F, and damp to the bone chilly. A lot of leaves fell in the overnight. They had been hanging in and finally said "enough".

Still have a snapdragon near the door blooming (it's right up against the foundation) but that may stop by tomorrow. There are still leaves on the front door witch hazel and the parriota persicia at the curb will keep some leaves until spring. Had to take a picture of the witch hazel leaves as they are really beautiful. Oh by the way, to use the camera in your iPhone you have to take your glove off. Brrrr! They were talking snow tonight or tomorrow but it looks like that may miss us.


Oct. 14th, 2010 02:30 am
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A federal district court judge issued an injunction ordering the military to STOP ENFORCING "DON'T ASK, DON'T TELL" IMMEDIATELY. Now if Obama, Holder and the Justice Department would only let the decision stand. They could choose to not appeal the injunction, I'm not holding my breath.
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Bob Dylan is going to be at MSU. Handicapper tickets may not be ordered on-line, you must call, it says on the web site. WTF policy but... I called and talked to a person about ordering three tickets. Well, it seems that handicappers can only order one ticket besides their own. WTF. So in good controlled hostile voice I said "so you discriminate against handicappers by only allowing them to have A friend?". She gulped and said wait one minute and came right back with the three tickets I wanted. Non-wheelchair users can buy more than two tickets at once so it was, in fact, discrimination. Always happy to point things like this out.

I got seats in the 8th row. Go me.
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Last weekend my stepmother called about a dead computer. It was a old iBook that I had bought her used in 2003. I said I would send her one I had as she needed an older Mac notebook because she still uses Classic apps. Well my computer refused to let me reinstall a system that could run these apps. So I looked around and found a used G4 that my sister and I decided to give her for her birthday tomorrow. I purchased it and had it shipped quickly so it would arrive yesterday. I got a phone call from UPS yesterday morning telling me that they would deliver it that day but someone needed to be home to sign for the package. So I called and relayed this to stepmother. Her response: "I'm not sitting at home all day waiting for a package!"

No thanks, just annoyed. I went to the UPS site this morning and see that she did actually accept delivery. She did at 6:30pm. I was wondering. There are reasons why I dislike this person so much. She was one of the original reasons I moved 1322 miles away from Connecticut, and stayed a goodly distance away ever since.

This counts as official notice that this is the last time I'm doing anything nice for the woman. It isn't just me though, she is this bitchy to my sister's kids. It is a trial for them to go visit their grandmother. Some people!!!
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I have to go into school tomorrow and re-do the Master image for one of the classrooms. Did it once before but the ITS elves seem to have blow it away. Joy! I love spending hours setting fiddlely settings in various software and other such fun tasks.

On the bright side, painter shows up tomorrow to spruce up the living room and bedroom. I've been meaning to have it done for a while but finally got a lead on good painter.

Nothing new in the garden. Everything is very brown at the moment. This little part of Michigan is not getting much rain (although somewhere it is because the rivers are high). Darwin rules in my yard. If a plant cannot survive under less than optimal conditions than it should die and decrease the ... oh wait maybe it is Scrooge who rules. I will water new plants (of which I have none) and new trees (ditto) otherwise everything must live on Nature's bounty or lack there of.
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The humidity is down somewhat and so is the temperature.

I finally got my copy of Maya. One day before the demo version I've been using to rewrite a couple of classes was to go POOF! Timing is everything.

Have an early morning meeting with the college IT folks about set-up for classes that start in two weeks. We talk and they don't hear what we are saying. Unfortunately our priorities and their priorities and not exactly the same. Let all hear clearly tomorrow because I have to be at a meeting at o' dark thirty and I would like it to be for a good reason. I hate seeing the sunny part of the morning.


Aug. 4th, 2010 06:22 pm
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Coming back from the doctor's office I decided to take the scenic tour on the way home. It is hot, hot, hot and exceedingly muggy out there. Went by the Equine Center and more horses were near or under the trees than out in the sun. No other interesting wildlife, also in hiding from the muggy, I'm sure.

Then as I was getting closer to campus the Road Construction Ghod spoke and I had to make a detour. They are digging up Harrison near the RR tracks. Road closed! So back south and up Farm Lane. This summer the "you can't get there, from here" effect is getting really tiring. Yes, I like that my wheel alignment may not suffer as much as it would on the old roads but these "no go" zones keep popping up. Going into school this morning required rerouting as well.

However the falafel sandwich was achieved and then I went home.
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Every year the city does a big music fest downtown, called Common Ground. The city also has noise ordinances. I am sitting in my house ( two miles away) and am unable to hear myself think. I will be so glad when it is Sunday. So fun that the city does not have to obey the sound ordinance.

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