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We had sun today and it didn't get too hot.  I went to a doctor appointment and saw what I think was a male Marsh Hawk.  Bird identification by car is not an exact science.

I went out to the back yard when I got home and took some pictures.  Some of my roses took a massive hit from the winter but most are coming back from the roots if from nowhere else.  This is one of the reasons I never buy grafted roses and only ones on their own rootstock.

A very rugged rugosa rose -- Roseraie de L"Hay.


Another on that seemingly took no hit from the winter.  This is a Rosa Rubifolia or Glauca. I love the leaf color  and the very simple blooms.


Near the back corner of my house.


A close-up of the peony with ants.  The rest are still at the bud stage.

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Since this started thirty years ago with maybe two dozen bulbs I think this is amazing.  Plants are interesting, daffodils increase, tulips decrease, some plants become invasive weeds and other shrivel and die.  My garden changes but this just always comes back.

Leaning on the entry gate to my garden.


Close ups!

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Got back from having dimsum and thought I would look around the yard to see what was what.  I could see that the single bloodroot had opened in the back and wanted to record any other things that were up.  It has been warm for the last few days but is going back down below freezing this week.

So the species crocus are all open in the front.

Daffodils open up next to the foundation.


The witch hazel by the bedroom window.


The lawn is full of violets.


Single blood root in the far back.  The double blood root behind the shed not up yet.


Close up on some of the Hellebores which are all over my yard.

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I was greeted by this colony of croci.  They are not fully opened but were very noticeable as I pulled in the driveway.


I am beginning to worry about what the cats are doing during the day.  This is how they greeted me today.

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Sunny, cool and otherwise a nice day.  Not like this week which was cold, windy, damp and did I say cold?

On the drive home last night I saw a clump of snow drops in a yard while I was stopped at a light.  I came home to a tightly closed pair of purple crocii.  With the sun they are open today.


The state of the daffodils by the front door.


A close up of the witch hazel at the door.  The mulch is to wet and soft for me to get any closer.

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Went to see Wes Anderson's Grand Budapest Hotel today and it is excellent.  Quirky and weird.

The Witch Hazel in the front yard has started to open its flowers, FINALLY.  When I left there were traces of petals but when I got home some had started to open.


I was a bit too wobbly to get a close up.
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We did an on again off again schedule of events for the vacation. After the big day and late night in NYC we went for a calm day in Jersey. So we looked around for something close to home and found the Frelinghuysen Arboretum in Morristown. It was a beautiful sunny & seventies day so a walk around a garden seemed like a good way to spend a couple of hours of the afternoon.

The entrance:


Various views of the paths and from the number of new and small things protected by fencing I would guess that deer are a problem. Some of the garden was very formal and some not so much.






Looking to the right at the site of the above photo there was evidence that Sandy took its toll with much obvious repair. At the edges of the park there were still trees that had yet to be dealt with.


We stopped on the way home and bought a lot of lobsters and veg and had a nice dinner on the porch disassembling said beasties.
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Mostly this post is pics instead of content. I had back surgery today so mostly I slept. We stopped on the way back from surgery to pick up some money and the ATM said my card was "invalid". Oh joy that probably requires a trip to the CU on Monday.

Took a couple of pictures. The rosebush that is trying to eat the house, the garden path and a few iris that survived the iris borer attack a few years ago.




Everything is on its way to being twice as tall as it is supposed to be.
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The rain stopped in the afternoon but now my allergies are acting up.  I hate tree sex season as this is my worst allergy.  Got some pictures after we came back from dim sum.

A general image of the front yard...

A close up of some front yard hyacinths.

Nearer the door.

And a close up of the Fritillaria. They look so nice in checks.


Apr. 27th, 2013 01:41 pm
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Well I don't want to jinx this or something but today it is in the mid-60's and sunny.  There is a clear blue sky with no clouds in sight but it is supposed to rain tomorrow.  So pictures are in order before the rain destroys their loveliness.

The front yard is mostly daffodils but the back exhibits a bit of variety at the moment.

The overall look of the far back with buds everywhere.

Closer to the house.
Pink Hyacinth.

While I had the camera out Ash deigned to pose for me.  Fi was nowhere in sight.
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Did the dim sum and a movie routine with Cami this afternoon. When I left the house noonish little snow pellets were falling from the sky. This turned to snow while at the restaurant and was continuing when we went into the movie. Upon exiting the movie the sun was shining and the temperate had risen about twenty degrees.

Went to see 42 and I highly recommend it. Cami was going to tweet a clever tweet about 42, you know the ultimate question and all. Crossovers are good. EtA: Cami on 42

Got home and the Purple Tomasinianus Species Crocus were open. They finally agreed it was warm enough. They will eventually take over the patch between the sidewalk and the road. This patch started with six a few years ago. I'm glad they are happy.

Some of the daffodils are thinking about opening but are not there yet. They are nearly a month later than last year and later than the last few actually.

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It has been raining for days and it is still raining. On the way into school this morning I saw a Mallard pair at the bus stop on Cedar. Even ducks don't like the weather? It has been in the upper 30s this week with somewhere around 4 inches of rain.

Had a bunch of errands to do when I left school so I took the scenic tour. The river by the zoo is over it's bank but not yet to the houses on the other side of the road. Sycamore "No Longer A" Golf Course was a lake. Every lowish spot in the city is underwater. The MSU Golf Course is underwater but there the ducks aren't trying to flee town. Made a few more stops and then headed towards home. Had to stop for the flock of wild turkeys on the Trowbridge entry ramp.

Got home and took a picture of the poor Iris reticulata looking very cold in my front yard. All the crocus (crocuses or croci?) are tightly closed because "it is too damn cold out there".

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Happy sunny afternoon to you. Clear skies and a beautiful sunset tonight. I spent the day grading in the quietude of my office while outside flowers happened.

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The contract passed --75/25%. I wonder how many people actually read the thing. I sat in front of someone who did not even read the "cliff's notes" version before coming to the meeting. And this person has how many degrees and used to be a union officer?

So today I went shopping, I hate shopping but I needed to restock my pantry which was pretty low as I have been eating out of freezer & pantry that last little bit. Now I am restocked and am in the process of putting stuff away. Everything done but can goods. I needed a break so I went out took a few pictures before we have more rain and it messes up things.

First a panorama of the back yard. The Hansa rose is in the left background and is nearly as tall as the Japanese maple! It is supposed to be 4-6 foot tall but mine is 12-15 feet tall. Happy plant with monster thorns.

EtA: the Dame's Rocket (Hesperis matronalis) is a weed but it doesn't get weeded out until it stops blooming. It is a pretty weed.

A lot of the roses are in bloom. Some close ups, in order: Reine de Violette, a rosa rubifolia, rosa rugosa (Hansa) and a Buck rose, Square Dancer.

The red oriental poppies got beat up by the rain, but here they are.

And a couple of others...

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One step closer to school being over. All that is left is graduation next Friday night. We have to wait a week because MSU is holding graduation ceremonies at the Breslin Center and we have to wait until they are done. Monday was get grades in day. Tuesday through Thursday were "Faculty Held Hostage Days". I cheated and took this year"s Personal Days for Tuesday and Wednesday. I went in today because it was program day and went to an early meeting where we were told that we were being reorganized again. All admins seem to want to do is shuffle us (all the easier to keep the level of tension up).

This morning I came out the door at an unghodly hour (for me anyway) and the neighborhood sparrows were screaming terrible things. It seemed like like my side of the street yelling at the other until I caught motion out of the corner of my eye. I looked up and it was a hawk circling. The buffet was screaming at the hawk, ahh. It was too small to be the female redtail that lives in the neighborhood, too big to be the christmas tree ornament, so I watched the silhouette for later identification. I caught sight of it again and could see that it was a blue-ish gray.

I also present you with pictures of my garden taken at assorted times this week.

An over exposed pic of the rugosa at the front door just to prove I do have roses blooming this early.

Assorted things in front. The iris are mostly all open this image is from Monday.

Out back but the dandelions need to go.

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Stepped out on the front porch and said to self I didn't need a jacket and then turned the corner of the house and was in the wind. Windchill reduces the temperature by a significant amount.

Cami and I went for dim sum and a run of charity. An acquaintance of ours has been at home sick and we went to the grocery store to do a bit of shopping and dropped it off. It would have helped if she hadn't been so passive/aggressive and actually sent a shopping list. It was more of a "something to roast" and "doggy treats" kind of list. The doggy treats part was the most difficult -- cat person here.

On entering our neighborhood I noticed a dead rabbit. Up until then it had just been a lot of squirrels. I got home and decided that I had to post some garden pictures. The flowering trees in my back yard are lovely this afternoon.

The thing on the left is the rose bush (Reine de Violettes) that is trying to eat my house with my rusty gate in the foreground (it coordinates well with the house).

Near the house, mid ground and the far back yard.

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Yesterday was cold and damp. I spent two and a half hours at the doctor's office. I hate doctor's how require you get there early and then keep you waiting for an hour and a half. Dear Doctor, you need a better office manager. Really!

A couple of flowers I haven't documents. One of my favorites are the Checkered Lilies. I mean natural checks, these are just fun and I have them in a couple of places in the front yard as they must be viewed from close up.

All of the vinca is in bloom and I seem to have some mutations. They are supposed to be all blue but I have purple, striped, light and dark blue. Fun! Note: the flowers all opened about the same time so the light ones are not just faded darker ones.

Today is sunny and supposed to be warm.
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Mid 60s F with a very nice breeze. Still 20 degrees above normal but it is a beautiful day. As I was coming home saw that the neighbor around the corner did indeed have chickens. Thought I heard them the other day. Today a Rhode Island Red (or related bird) was being chased down the sidewalk. An escape artist it seems. The other guy with chickens who lives a couple of blocks away was today completing the fencing of his entire lot. I'm guessing that he is planning for more than the three/four he had last year. He also keeps bees and there a two huge hives on the top of the extension off his kitchen. H must service the hives by climbing out his second floor window. Intrepid urban pioneers.

The yard is looking nice as well so I will end with a few pictures.

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Today in the low 70's F.

Two mocking birds sitting on my porch roof. I did not help that chipmunk to commit suicide. Watched a SMART squirrel get across a busy street by using the sidewalk overpass (constructed so children don't cross at street level).

Daffodils blooming all over the neighborhood as was a Kwanzen Cherry and a Star Magnolia. Saw a Tulip tree that should be open by tomorrow.

Wandered around my back yard when I got home and found the following:


more daffs, some single blood root and in the neighbors yard some scilla:

hellebores and a closeup:

and a rugosa rose already unfurling it's leaves:

The willows are at that lovely yellow-green haze stage. Some maples are flowering which explains why I was sneezing so much when I opened the windows yesterday. We are about a month ahead of things by my figuring. I looked back at old garden pictures and found some comparisons.

The daffs in the side bed on March 31, 2010.

The backyard March 31, 2003. Not much of anything is up.

The hellebore by the back shed, in comparison to the one above from March 27, 2009.

These are all old established plants so size, etc. has to do with weather. I could do more but it is just amazing how much further along we are. This week is supposed to be in the upper 70s F all week. So some of the daffodils and definitely the bloodroot will be past their best by the end of the week.
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... and gained a crocus or three. It is currently 64 F outside.


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