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Mar. 22nd, 2012 07:13 pm
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I realize it is necessary but MUST they do it in public. I am very allergic to tree pollen so I hate spring. Except for the flowers. Except for the sunshine ... of never mind, let's say I am ambivalent about Spring. Another 80 degree day in a string of high 80 degree days and every flowering tree (the ones you plant for flowers) and all the other mostly leafy one are blooming. ALL AT THE SAME TIME!! I cannot stop sneezing, coughing, wanting to scratch my eyes out, you get the idea. I just hope the April weather fairies don't decide to have a laugh because it could be a disaster. As elsewhere there ain't going to be much/any maple syrup this year. Yes, webonauts, Michigan has a thriving syrup industry (or did).

It monsooned this afternoon and they the sun came out. So while driving to pick up my cat's insulin and to get Cami to the grocery store we dodged lakes, forded streams and searched for rainbows. None were found but we probably weren't looking in the right direction. At least the rain removed some of the maple flowers from the trees.

When I left this morning the mockingbirds were back on the front porch roof. When I got home cardinals were having a squabble in the front trees. Two males, one female and a screaming fit.


Mar. 7th, 2012 09:36 pm
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Headed to Ann Arbor this afternoon with a long shopping list from friends. It was the second day of above 60 F temperatures that today came with a lot of wind. In this year with no winter we have also skipped Spring and jumped into Road Construction. Again I say "weird!"

Eight-plus raptors in the air and a lot of road kill. The winter has been so warm they didn't starve so instead they became sacrifice to the ghod of cars. A couple of coyotes, a deer, an awful lot of raccoons and and one skunk died sometime today. As I navigated the road trying not to be blown off I realized that perhaps all this death was from drivers of smaller cars than mine. They didn't want to be blown off the road.

Got to Ann Arbor and it wasn't busy so they might also be on spring break. Made a number of circuits of the Detroit Street area until we found a parking space and then headed into Zingerman's Deli and nirvana. There were signs all around proclaiming that the Ides of March was their 30th Anniversary in business. I started eating there right after they opened. ...sigh...30 ?????? years...

They are still mid-renovation and you can see pictures here. I got out my list and starting collecting things as soon as we were inside the door. We quickly filled the shopping basket, refused to look at most of the stuff on display (away, away tempting evil things!!!) and progressed to the sandwich counter. Two women had sort of stopped in the middle of the area and were staring at the signage. I heard one ask the sandwich order person "how do you choose?" and his reply was "start with a meat?". I went to the other person taking orders and gave her Cami's and my order with a few take out sandwich orders from friends. We then moved to the checkout line and amazed the person at the register. We had a lot of food and she laughed when we said it was for six people. I think we set a new record and only spent a total of less than $200. The order included but was not limited to sandwiches (they are the two meal sort), bread, salads, hash, cheese, corned beef and yummy Dulce de Leche for Karren.

We ate our sandwiches -- actually me a half and Cami a WHOLE sandwich (it was the nosher size however) --then came home again battling the wind. I was backing into the driveway when the phone rang -- the start of the ravening hordes descending on my house began.
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So we went from cold and damp to warm and damp (mid 70s F). A number of things choose to bloom today anyway. Starting at the back fence line I have Viburnum trilobum American Cranberrybush Viburnum. A really nice multi-season plant that doesn't mind having its feet in water. The far back of my yard can be a bit soggy even if not encouraged to this by the copious quantities of rain we get. This bad picture because I couldn't get close enough because of mud on the path. Pretty lace caps of flowers and plenty of Photoshop to make it presentable.

I do occasionally allow weeds to grow so I have some Dame's Rocket Hesperis matronalis flowering at the moment as well as this Greater Celandine Chelidonium majus out front.

Early iris blooming. This dark purple one came from the front yard of a friend's mom. Nothing (including iris borer) seems to faze it. The Baptista is just starting to open.

The front door guardian Rosa Rugosa 'Frau Dagmar Hastrup' has its first rose open.

Saw a mallard swimming around a small pond/fountain in front of an apartment complex. King of the very small pond. Just a female on the next time by. Two raptor sightings, one smaller than the other. The second one was probably the Trowbridge Red Tail.
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This was one of those days where I wonder why I went to school for a collection of meetings. Sleeping would have been much more productive. It is supposed to be sunny and nice tomorrow so I will do a garden look about.

Got home to some photos from my sister showing how our VT place survived the winter. Or mostly survived. A couple of downed trees tried to demolish the outhouse, but as it is a garden shed at this point it wasn't a great tragedy. It does need a bit of clean up and electricity. Seems one of those fallen trees did take down the power line. Lots of pine needles need to be removed along with a lot of small stuff.

Across the pond Uncle Bud's place is doing less well but it has some new tenants! Not the house but the brook will be having a renovation.

...the brook... Please note that the log you see is a bridge and is intentional.

...the other side of the culvert where THINGS have been happening!

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Was eating dinner with Cami at Sultan's when something moved in the sky, big. A great blue heron was flying east. I love watching them fly because they are so improbable. I'd seen a pair of green herons near the zoo a couple of weeks ago but this is the first great blue this year. Cami made a reference to the dog from Up and "squirrel". She remarked that with me it was big flying things. I had stopped in mid sentence to watch it fly by you see.

Drove through the fringes of MSU on the way home and noticed that the trees are waking up. MSU seems to have it's own micro-climate and is a few days earlier than the rest of the area (I swear, raises hand) but the crab apples and willows are definitely doing something.

It is a nasty, damp cold with wind out there and this to continue all weekend. Yuck, I was spoiled by last weekend. Is it Spring yet?
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Came home to a rabbit hopping around my back yard. Grocery shopping, or at least checking out what will be growing later.

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After following her around the house for a bit, this is the best picture I could get. She did not want her portrait taken, I guess. Her Furriness is 9 years old today. Happy Birthday!

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Today was a meeting day. Five meetings in a row!! I mean really, my brain was numb by the end of the day when I did a face plant on my bed (with cat). Meetings are evil. Meetings are mind numbing. If I had had a choice I would have stayed home for most of the day but I had no choice. Attendance required for FT faculty.

Ran errands after meetings but before the face plant. Came off the highway at Trowbridge and watched a very pretty red tail hawk harassing the wild life. Headed down Harrison through the agricultural portions of MSU. The golf course had lots of geese, the field of Black Angus had a raptor of some sort circling. A bunch of snow covered corn fields had more geese. Finished errand and headed home past a field of sheep with raptor circling. The field circling raptors were too far away for identification. The red tail was easy -- he landed in a tree as I was stopped at a light and the most evident thing was the magnificent red tail.

Oh and last night the Provost announced the cuts that were happening. She said they were just recommendations at this point but, yah know, I don't believe her. We will still be around until the next president decides to reorganize and slash. This weekend I have to write up my report about the state of our program etc. so it can be used to evaluate, etc. I knew they had already made up their minds and the report was busy work, but they still want it done! Homework of the non-useful sort.
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Headed out today to a scene of The Birds. Birds on all the lines and a large number in the Calary Pears that are the street trees down the block. I assume they have stripped the trees of their clusters of tiny fruit.

Also on the way to pick up Cami I watched a squirrel bounce across the street. He must have been listening to my "bouncing ball" lecture because he seemed spot on. Very nice motion path. Wonder if the students will do so well with their animation projects.
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While sitting at the stoplight at Foster/Saginaw I've watched an on going Fall ritual. A pair of black squirrels are attempting to relocate many of the horse chestnuts from a tree north of Saginaw to some where south. Back and forth they go, nuts in mouth. Now this might seem like a smart operation except for the fact that Saginaw is a very busy four lane street. I hope that the next time I sit at the stop light a don't see squirrel smears on the road.

On a different note, also involving squirrels and cars, an enterprising fox squirrel has decided that my car makes a great nut cracker. This time the nuts involved are black walnuts from two houses down. Whole nuts are left in my driveway and broken nuts are harvested. It is making a mess in my driveway, but I applaud the plan. Romy thinks it is fun as well. She sits in the window and chitters at the beasts.


Jun. 15th, 2010 04:56 pm
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Took the car out to the Honda dealership for its yearly checkup. Went by the highway on the way out and saw a dead fox on the side of the road. Sigh!

Returned home by way of the MSU outback. Beef cattle, horses, corn & soy beans, oh my, and three wood chucks at various locations. I'm not sure the MSU folks are going to be very happy with the one guy who was happily munching soy beans however. Also saw a bunch of people doing various things with multicolored flags, I'm assuming it is some sort of yield experiment but I certainly didn't stop to ask.

Home now.


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