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Another 80 degree day on tap. The heat has finally penetrated the basement where my office and classrooms are. Should be interesting this week being in a room with 20 server class heat makers and the heat on. The school doesn't turn AC on until May so we may have a long period of overheated rooms (at times they have been over 90 F). The only thing that gets you a fan is if you say the computers are suffering. No cries of students fainting from the heat matter.

And that note is a good segue into last night. The Board of Trustees meeting. Basically we were told that we are a bunch of money grubbing union thugs who are picking on a beautiful man, "best prez evah". That same prez now has armed guards as security on the entrance to the Admin building because, you know, roving faculty with rope, and knives, and guns and such. Given the current climate in Michigan I am not surprised. Sad but not surprised.

For Cami from last night's meeting:
zxzxz also told of visiting another college recently, and walking into the president's office and asking the secretary where the armed guards were. She was confused. He explained that WE have them for our president. She went and got their president to come and laugh and explain that he didn't need them.
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--Well more flowers and it was 51 F when I left school today.

--Union Busting redux.
Daily Kos: Ohio to host second major union-fueled election of 2011

--and now for the WTF --
Florida GOP: No Talk of Wombs on Statehouse Floor | Mother Jones

Suricattus mirrors my emotions. "Uterus. Labia. Clitoris. Vagina. Breasts. Ovaries. Cervix. Fallopian Tubes. Hymen. Perineum. Anus. Vulva."
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Confront. It doesn't matter if it offended me or not, if it is offensive that must be stated. Always speak the truth, a lie of omission is still a lie.

I do tend to tilt (at windmills!?) for others who are reluctant to speak up. Usually fear is involved and I cannot say that I have no fear as much as I have nothing to loose. It is a good place to be. Stubborn old Yankee if nothing else.


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