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Had a back procedure this morning and have mostly slept off the anesthesia. I am currently in the twilight zone where the local is wearing off and the important stuff hasn't kicked in yet. Hence the question marks on the subject line.

I will be going to Sandy's Birthday Party tomorrow night but otherwise this rates as a very lost weekend. I will be doing nothing useful for a couple of days while the meds kick in.

Then I need to start to get some stuff done:

_make some new clothes (it would help if I liked the stuff I find in stores but I don't)
_rewrite ARTS 151 - new version of the software (Painter 12) is out and my copy arrived on Monday
_rewrite ARTS 234 - new version of Maya 2012 is out - and I'm now all registered
_rewrite ARTS 235 - new version of Maya 2012 and Mudbox 2012 are out (see above)
_get a copy of Lion (osX 10.7) and try to figure out how much of a problem this will be for next school year

The nurse exclaimed, as she was doing the IV thing, that I was off for the summer. Her impression was that I was OFF for the summer. Well, looking at the above list most of it seems like I'm not so OFF for the summer. Note: May 11, 2011 was officially the last day I'm paid for until August 22, 2011. Just saying!
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The local weatherbeans said today was to be partly cloudy. This being the best one can hope for in MI in winter, Cami and I ventured forth to Ann Arbor in search of pastrami. By the time I left the driveway about an inch of partly sunny had fallen. I left it in hopes that it would disappear by the time I returned home. The afternoon became an alteration of blue skies and lake effect snow squalls. Such a pretty alteration of visibility and total white out. The roads were mostly clear but not exactly what had been advertised.

I got to appreciate the new car however. Continued the feeding of CDs to the magic software that rips them to the car's hard drive. So far I have discovered the fun of the iPhone and iPod accessary I bought. Little ECO light going on and off was something new to watch as are the fuel efficiency readouts. I could not feel the Variable Cylinder Management kicking in and out which was not the case with earlier models. I forgot to check to see what overall mpg was but will do that the next time I'm in it.


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