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So we went to see Avengers: Age of Ultron yesterday. We went to the 2D show in the middle of the afternoon to avoid crowds. Very much written by Whedon it didn't take itself too seriously. The trailer for Ant Man looked fun and the trailer for Batman vs Superman looked terrible (enough with the post production image processing already).

This morning Michigan experienced its second strongest earthquake, 4.2. Lucky us. The cats freaked and then the rumbling and shaking started. It felt and sounded like a garbage truck was parked in my living room. It lasted a few seconds. I checked the USGS to determine the magnitude but it wasn't the strongest quake I have experienced. Grad school was near the New Madrid Fault and we had more and a few stronger.

It was beautiful today about 80F which is an amazing change from the weather we have had. I got a bit house happy and decided to go visit my favorite nursery. I wanted some hellebores for the front yard where the day lilies have been removed. I decided to go to Arrowhead Alpines in the middle of nowhere in Fowlerville MI. I got all the other hellebores there and wanted to go while the plants still had flowers on them. The last time was fine but a bit random as I went later in the year. All that were left were doubles (I'm not complaining)and I bought some. I thought I could get around with my wheelchair the the ground is still too soft. So a crutching I went.

These are what I got but not my photographs, I swiped the photos from a brit plant info website. They are approximately what I have. Variations on a theme.

Got home and made some chocolate syrup because I wanted it and Hersey's is made with corn syrup and Nestle's is Nestle's. Mine tastes good and is cane sugar.

EtA: happy Beltane!
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