Feb. 16th, 2015

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... the wizards at Zingerman's in Ann Arbor actually. It was a mostly sunny day with not much wind and cabin fever was setting in so we went off on a road trip.  The trip went well, no hickups.  Parking in downtown A 2 wasn't even a problem with only a couple of times around the block and a wait for what turned out to not be a parking spot (just a person talking on the phone).  It was way too cold to walk/roll far today so near the door we parked.

As always the folks were cheerful and helpful. I wanted some of a nice oozy cheese not French but actually from Minnesota. One of the cheese guys was trying to tempt me into purchasing a small entire wheel but I resisted.  Yes, I read the Lancet article that said that full fact dairy was good for you but not that much. Moderation in all things.  We bought what will become a new regular thing - soppressata, four thin slices. Again it is wonderful but a lot of salami is not good for you, some is!

I also picked up a few more pot pies before they disappear for another year.  (Last day Feb.28th.)



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